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Letter to God the Father in Heaven, the Creator and Lord of All Things

Image by Andrea Don from Pixabay  - Praying
The topic for this blog post was 'Letter to Santa - What I Want for Christmas'. It was suggested by Padmini from Chennai, a veteran blogger and a good friend. But it won't work for me. I don't believe in Santa and probably haven't done so for the last 50 years. However, there is one person whom I know very well, who is empowered to grant my every wish if he so desires. That's God the Father in Heaven, the Creator and Lord of all things. I know there are many religions and many paths to God. We Christians are rather notorious for thinking that we are the ones who have a special relationship with God as His adopted children. This is considered as blasphemy by one particular community, who considers that God is way above humans and that humans are not good enough to be adopted by God as His children. But that's the miracle of it.  We aren't good enough, but we are adopted anyway, if we desire it. We Christians also believe that this relationship is available to anyone who wants it. It's not a closed-door for people of other faiths. Basically, everyone is invited. It's their call whether they wish to avail of it or not. So I'm writing to my Father in Heaven about what I would like for Christmas. And forever.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Abba, my Father-in-Heaven, Creator and Lord of all things, I give you glory. You are great, You are almighty, You are above all things. I come to You in the Name of Your Only-Begotten-Son, Jesus Christ. I know You will always hear my prayer if I ask in His Name, with full faith in Your Goodness and Love, as Jesus told us to do. Abba, it's very hard sometimes. I love you that much that it actually makes me angry when people look at the mess that humanity made of the world and blame You for it.  I must have driven innumerable people crazy telling them that bad things happening is not Your Will. Telling them that we live in a fallen world, that humanity (Adam and Eve) sinned and gave their authority over your creation to the enemy. I do not want to write enemy with a capital letter. He'll get no glory from me. The enemy has scourged and tormented the world since forever and still reserves the right to do so. The father of lies, no less. I do not wish to dwell on that horrible creature. I wrote a poem about his seduction of Eve once, which I know you must remember. For the benefit of any interested readers, I'm including a link to that particular piece of creative writing. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Why do people blame you when someone dies in an untimely manner? Why do You allow them to? Death wasn't even Your idea. That's the infernal father-of-lies whispering his falsehoods into their ears. The one who Jesus told us was a liar and a murderer from the very beginning (John 8:44). The same cunning creature who points to the wicked people who infiltrated Your Church and blames you for them. As if you had anything to do with it. But if people continue to listen to those lies, we're all on the road to destruction. I do wish you'd send Jesus back before it's too late. There are going to be so many lost souls because of people blaming You for what you did not do. Anyway, I'm sure I don't know better than You do.

So, Abba, the reason why I am here before is to ask you for what I would like you do give me if it fits in with Your Holy Will. I will always go with Your Will. Or I will try to, if it's going to be difficult. What would I like? I would like many things. Here are some:

  1. Protection for me, my family and friends, blogging group and anyone for whom it's within my power to pray, from the Covid-19 disease. I would also like to pray for good health for all within
    Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

    my prayer umbrella. Also, for protection from criminal attacks, terrorist attacks and road accidents. Protection at home and protection outside. Always, without exception. Please.
  2. I pray for a long, healthy life. I would like, naturally, to remain youthful for the longest possible number of years if it's not against Your Holy Will. I would like to be of indeterminate age to all who behold me. You know how beautiful some nuns are. The ones who spend a lot of time in prayer. They could be anything between 30 and 70. If it means I have to spend more time in prayer, I'm ready for that. I do not wish to be a shrivelled corpse of 90 before I have actually expired.
  3. I pray that my children will find good and suitable parters-in-life and be freed from soul ties to unsuitable people. I pray that they will remember what they were taught about You and will always look to You in every undertaking. 
  4. I pray that my spouse and I will continue to find joy in each other and give a great example of an interfaith marriage. There is still time. 
  5. I pray that the world will emerge from the Covid-19 crisis stronger and better. I pray that the world leaders will tackle environmental issues on a war footing.  
  6. I pray that all the people of the world, whatever their gender or orientation, will come to truly know You and love You.
  7. I pray that the creeping anti-family agenda seeping into world awareness will fizzle out. And stay fizzled out.
Image by James Chan from Pixabay
Abba, I thank You for hearing me out. I realise that some of my requests are too big for a single person. If so, I pray that other like-minded people will pray for them too, so that they may come about. Jesus sacrificed so much to save humanity from destruction. I pray that His Sacrifice will never be in vain. Thanks for all Your Help and Love and care not only for me but for everyone in the whole world. I know in the end that everyone will know You and who You are. There is so much goodness and love in you that people just don't seem to know about. Abba, please make yourself known to everyone. You give me so much hope for the world for the future, I want everyone to have that too. I remain as always, your loving daughter and worshipper.


Many thanks to Pixabay for the imagery. Thanks to blogger Padmini (Padmum) for suggesting the topic.

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  1. Thathaasthu as I would say or Amen if you would like it better.

    1. It doesn't matter what I like when it comes to your replies, It's how you express yourself best. That's good enough for me x


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