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Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 
The topic for today's Blog Friday post is 'Power'. What a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted topic it is, too. You could approach this topic from numerous angles and come up with all kinds of approaches. They'd all be equally valid and equally fascinating. It's such a huge subject that there could be no end to it. I'm just going to share a few observations of my own about this topic. Some of them may resonate with readers. Or they may not. It all depends on their viewpoint.

Power Corrupts

In 1887, John Dalberg Acton, the 1st Baron Acton, wrote: 'Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Strange, I always thought that George Bernard Shaw said those words. Wise words indeed. When a person attains power, they should always keep in mind that it's something they hold in trust. Accountability for the misuse of power is extremely important. Common wisdom holds that we shouldn't speak ill of the dead. No, we shouldn't slander or smear anyone's name wrongly, whether they're alive or dead. But if it turns out that someone who has died abused power that was entrusted to them, it's important to make it known. When Jesus Christ set up His earthly ministry that we now know as the Church, his right-hand man was Simon whom he called 'Peter' (from the Greek 'petros') or 'kepha' (Aramaic). The name Jesus gave this disciple means 'rock' and Jesus said,  'upon this rock, I will build My Church' (Matthew 16:18). In his life, Jesus clearly showed that if you want power, you must become a servant. The Gospel, the part of the Bible that deals with Jesus' life, tells us that Jesus close disciples (Apostles) and even their family members, dreamed of earthly glory, but in fact, their glory was of a spiritual nature and not for their own benefit or enjoyment. In his last chat with his followers, Jesus said 'Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat', according to Luke 22:21 (New American Standard Version). So the enemy of mankind demands the right to tempt and try the people who get spiritual power in this world. No wonder so many Church people fall by the wayside. In the bad old days when there was no accountability, a lot of Church officials fell by the wayside. The enemy knows that if people with spiritual power fall, it will discredit the Church and many souls will be lost. That's why I don't let these stories of corrupt leaders shake my religious faith. It's also why Christians must pray for their leaders instead of pointing the finger when they fall.  Just saying........

Rest in Peace

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay 
Nowadays, when an activist dies, whether he or she falls in action or after retirement, the followers often bid them 'rest in power' rather than 'rest in peace'. I've seen that message around the Internet a lot, but I find it unpalatable. 'Rest in peace' had a quiet dignity about it. The more recent 'rest in power' gives me a horrible impression of the deceased ruling and influencing events from the other side and it really gives me the creeps. The older version is just fine as far as I'm concerned. Power is nothing to rest in. The image in the adjoining photo shows a lightbulb plugging itself in. A humorous little photo, but it's another way of looking at power. Electric power.   It keeps us cool in hot weather here in India. It keeps us warm when it's cold. I suppose it could be done without. But we'd be the poorer without it.   When I was in school, I sat through a lot of debates on the subject of nuclear power. We were all very concerned about the bad effects of nuclear power. We knew that there weren't nuclear power stations in Ireland. But we knew that they were out there in the world. We were terrified at the thought of accidental radiation leaking into the air. Not to mention the horror of nuclear waste, poisoning our universe for millennia to come. I remembering being very concerned for the environment and wondering if natural power sources were really viable.  Interestingly enough, environmental power sources are holding up pretty well. Scientists are doing research. The menace of the build-up of plastic waste is also giving concern. Apparently, a plastic-eating bug has been discovered.  Well, they should put that bug to work and try to remove that mountain of plastic. That can't happen soon enough as far as I'm concerned. But leaving bugs aside, clean and environmentally-sound sources of power are a great idea. I'm so glad they're working out.
Image by Alexander Droeger at Pixabay
When I visited Ireland in 2017 I paid several visits to Athlone in the Midlands, getting the bus between there and Dublin several times. It always cheered me to see windmills like this in the fields. It makes me think that it could be possible to one day live in a clean, green world. If we try hard enough, we probably could produce enough power from natural sources. Ireland would never be able to do much with solar power as we don't get enough sun. But wind power is certainly present and definitely could be harnassed for the good of the country and of the environment. I really hope this can be done. I hate hearing about burning fossil fuels as well as nuclear power usage. There has to be a better way.

The Power of Nature

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
Nature is a force of power. The natural forces that govern our planet and our climate were always respected in the past. Lately, man has been thinking that he's invincible and that he has power over the forces of nature. I don't think that this can ever happen. Nature has a way of unleashing natural disasters on unsuspecting mankind. Not all of these disasters are preventable, but one feels that the arrogance of humanity is very often the cause of some spectacular natural disasters. The melting of the ice cap at the North Pole is not being taken seriously enough in my humble opinion. Many people love taking shots at the President of the
Image by Skeeze from Pixabay

United States, Donald Trump, and decry everything about him, his arrogance to his attitudes. I don't wish to join the number by criticising the Head of State in a country which I've never even visited, but when I heard that he was considering the revival of the coal mining industry, my heart sank. We really don't need to plunder the earth any than we've already done.  We don't want more fossils fuels being burned and discharging toxic gases and heat into the atmosphere. I always think of nature as being a wild beast who might be tamed for a while. Yet it's important not to get too comfortable because one day when you least expect it, it could just turn on you and cause tremendous damage.  We should always try to keep that in mind. We should never, ever think we have nature under our control. It's only because of nature's benevolence that there are not more natural disasters, in my humble opinion. 

Royal Power

Once upon a time, royal power was the power that struck terror into people's hearts. The right of royal power came through a bloodline. The English royal lines usually conferred the power on the eldest, legitimate heir of the previous King or Queen. So did most of the royal lines in the western world, and maybe even in the eastern world. The Irish had a more tribal outlook. So did the Scottish. In Ireland or Scotland, any one of the male heirs of the previous King was entitled to try his hand at becoming King. This could be sons, nephews, brothers, even uncles. In modern times, republics have taken over from monarchies, although monarchs still exist. Like India, Ireland had a lot of royal families ruling over different regions. So no strong royal family emerged in either country and both are now republics
Image by Skeeze from Pixabay 

. Many people are under the impression that royalty doesn't have power anymore.  I don't believe that for a second. The Queen of England may give the impression of being a benign figurehead, but she is a force to be reckoned with. She's a strong lady who serves her people with full commitment. I am no admirer of royalty, but Queen Elizabeth II has all my respect for her strong principles and her commitment to her job. She is well into her 90s. I'm 57 and she was the Queen when I was born. The day she is no more is the day when I'll probably accept that I'm getting old. Because only then, every single leader in the world will have changed since I was born. In King Henry VIII time, there were always nobles being executed for disloyalty to the king. Thankfully, that doesn't happen nowadays. Today, when the power of royalty has diminished, the crown is still a strong symbol of power.

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  1. I am decidedly not one of the faithful, more faithless. This is a tough time for so-called spiritual leaders here as people like Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell Jr fall from grace. Mother Nature can indeed be a cruel b**** - she constantly reminds us of our insignificance when one looks at the big picture.
    I find royal power to be a total joke. They act like they still own the world when in reality they work for a paycheck. A quite substantial paycheck.

    I enjoyed this read - lots of content to digest. Thank you

    1. Chuck, I enjoyed writing that piece. I could have gone on forever, but I don't want to put readers to sleep. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. NIce to see your creative juices flowing like they used to Maria. A remarkable take on Rest In Power that I wish I could have articulated as well as you have. I am in total agreement with you.

    1. It feels great to be back to blogging again. I kind of ran out of steam for a while. But I'm back again to it now. I replied to this comment before but it seems that I didn't press the 'publish' button. Sorry.

  3. I am grinning as I prepare to add a piece perhaps to the puzzle. When we visited the Basilica in Assisi erected over the entombed Francis, part of the interest is in the portrait done after his death of Francis above his tomb. He is displayed in glory wearing Royal garb with a severe look on his face sitting in power and judgment. It seems the current knock offs of "rest in power" are not the first!

    1. I must look for a photo of that tomb online and get a look at it. Francis of Assisi was a very humble and gentle man who had no time for the trappings of power, as I understand it. Perhaps the conventions of the time his tomb was created allowed for this irony. He wore a coarse, brown robe and lived a life of simplicity and prayer.


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