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The Sky is the Limit?

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The post title has been turned into a question. I'm back to group blogging, with a group that's like a reformed Loose Blogging Consortium. The LBC is a group with which I blogged for years. I'm glad some of us are still ready to blog and share thoughts on common topics of interest. So here's my take on 'The Sky is the Limit', suggested by group member Sanjana.

Many of us are limited by our circumstances. Or rather, many of us think we are limited by our circumstances. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are not. It all depends. It depends mostly on ourselves if we're honest. We programme ourselves with the idea that 'I can never do that', or 'I can never go there'. In fact, many of us, are our own worst enemies. Whenever I think something is impossible, I find myself thinking of the bumblebee. According to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn't be able to fly. Yet he does. It seems that no-one has come straight out and told it that it's not supposed to be flying. Let's hope no-one ever does. Its feat is a triumph of positive thinking.

No Limits on Imagination

Do you like this highway photograph? I do, but I have very mixed feelings about it. It's entitled 'Fantasy Highway'. I like the fantastic colours, but it looks a bit like the cover of a Meatloaf album.  Loads of dark references to the abode of the evil one. Count me out, I'm giving him no glory. In those colours I see the wonder and beauty of God's wonderful creation, in all its splendid and magnificent glory.

Accentuate the Positive, Avoid Negativity

Many of us struggle through life, worrying about this problem and that problem. Yet our lives are full of rich assets and we don't realise it. This reminds me of Jim Dromgoole(not his real name). He's an old neighbour of mine in Dublin. Jim is ever youthful, as is his wife. ever since they married around 40 years ago.  I kid you not. I don't have a photo of this couple to share .However, I do have something to share. It's a poem I wrote with Jim in mind.

In a Cottage By A River

Sipping one’s supermarket sauvignon

In one’s local authority dwelling (so fortunately addressed)

One reflects on the vicissitudes of fortune

Yes indeed, one is truly blessed

Check the online account and you’ll wonder why

I don’t dwell in a cottage by the river with the swans swimming by?

I don’t work for a living – perish the thought! The world needs those such as me

To reflect, ruminate and do what I ought

Making works of art  share with the world for free

See my creations and you’ll see they imply

I live in a cottage by the river with the swans swimming by.

Satiric?  No, Never!

Did you get what the poem was about? In nutshell, Jim's unemployed. He's been so for years. I suppose most people would have slipped into despair by now, but not him. He's happy. If you get to study his outlook, you would see great faith and optimism. You may notice a sense of me (writing in his voice) being satirical. I may be making fun of him to some extent, yet it doesn't mean I don't appreciate his qualities. You see, Jim has an Internet account. He posts pictures from his life.  Should you ever visit his page, you will very likely see beautiful photographs. You may very well think that Jim is an artist of some merit. Well, he's what we in Dublin used to call a government artist ('your dad's an artist, love, he draws the labour!'). That is to say, he reluctantly accepts the unemployment benefit he's forced by circumstances to take every week. If you ever visited one of his online pages and took a good long look, you'll imagine that the poster is living in an artisan dwelling (or a country estate), surrounded by beautiful works of art and rolling countryside, full of unspoiled natural waterfalls and glorious meadows.  You may fondly imagine that the account holder feasts on local produce, lovingly hand-picked by the servants, purchased at a weekly, country market. What you will not think is that he's living on the dole, in a local authority house, and does all his shopping as cheaply as possible in the local supermarket.

Optimism and Gratitude

Jim's posts feature close-up photos of special things. New-laid eggs, vegetables from the garden, a single, beautiful tree. An almost-ancient parish church, one of the few old buildings in our modern, built-up neighborhood. So people from the US and Canada view these and think that Jim leads a life of quality and graciousness. And here's the thing. He does. He finds joy in all the activities going on around him and he's thankful for them.  He doesn't allow himself to be downed by his circumstances, making the most of everything. In some ways, I think Jim is what we in Dublin call 'a bit of a chancer'. On the other hand, I also think he's great and I would like to be just like him.

What's the Lesson Here?

Just because your life is not what others might define as successful, doesn't mean you can't be happy. You can enjoy museums, art galleries, television, and movies. You can read books and chat with other readers about them. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and fantastic works of art. They are as much yours as anyone else's. So what if you buy cheap wine in the supermarket? It's absolutely okay.

Please visit the other group members.

The other five bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are  Ramana, SanjanaPadmum,  RajuShackman and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Sanjana. 

Top Image: Zeppelin courtesy of Pixabay

Middle Image: Fantasy Highway courtesy of Pixabay

Lower Image: Building courtesy of Pixabay


  1. Great start and as you always were, very creative and even blunt at times. I would dearly love to go to Jim's blog if you can give a link.

  2. Welcome back! I believe you are telling us that society telling us our limits simply isn't relevant, that we always have exploration growth and experience available to us.

  3. Lovely to be with you through your blogs Maria...bless you!!


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