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A Blogging Guru

This is what a guru looks like - well something like it!

Back to blogging

I'm back at my blogging again. Three blogs at the moment. Not bad really, is it? My favourite blogging adventure was my original expat blog, which, unfortunately, I had to close once I was no longer able to blog anonymously. Because it was what some of our US based friends might call 'way TMI.  This is my general blog, MBB is my book blog and My East/West Life is my current attempt at blogging about life in India for an Irish wife.

Then there's the experimental writing blog on Wordpress....and you know, can you believe I've been blogging for ten years now? Yes, that's right. But I've taken a looooong hiatus from blogging recently owing to the loss of a beloved family member. And I've stood back from the blogging a little. And then I came back. And amazingly, I've discovered stuff I never knew before.

New discoveries

I discovered that owing to Adsense ads, I've earned the princely sum of erm....sixteen US dollars over the past decade. Yes, that's right. Not exactly enough to retire on, is it?'s better than nothing. I suppose. I've also discovered the mysteries of Feedburner and even more interesting - the devilish complexities of yes! SEO(otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization)! Oh, wow! There are people out there who started blogging years after I did and they have made actual, real money from it. Imagine! If not enough to live on, at least a respectable side hustle. It's like I've been asleep all these years.

Well, who knew? Really. For me, blogging meant creative writing. For others, an array of technical skills was the minimum requirement.

Internet guru Neil Patel

Even more amazing is the fact that there are some people who have learned the secret of turning a blog into a business and they are sharing the information freely. One such person is a man with an Indian name, a certain Neil Patel. His website is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. The amount of information available in his posts and podcasts is ginormous. This guy, unless he's a figment of some Internet nut's imagination, is a walking industry.

Neil is an Irish name, you know. I thought I'd name one of my sons Neil because it would mean that the boy would feel comfortable in both Irish and Indian settings. But that never happened. Neil Patel sounds just like an American, though. However, being of Indian origin, he certainly qualifies as an Internet guru, 'guru' being the Sanskrit word for 'teacher.  I'd like to use this post as an opportunity to thank this Internet magus for sharing his knowledge so freely. Thank you Neil!

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  1. Nice to have you blogging again. Neel in Sanskrit is blue and can usually be short for Neelkant which is blue throat, a name for Lord Shiva!


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