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The Climate in my Hometown LBC Post

I am originally from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. We have a maritime climate, neither too hot nor too cold. Cool, wet winters and warm summers.  We get the odd freak weather condition, like several feet of snow, once in a while to make life interesting.  Pretty ideal really.   Now I reside in Lucknow in north India. In the Indo-Gangetic plain.  Cold dry winters, roasting hot summers and a humid rainy season.  It seems like it's always too hot or too cold. Or too humid. Humidity is something I dread.  It brings itching, rashes and all of that.  Okay, too hot will work for me. So will too cold (although I hate dry cold, that's energy-sapping). But humidity is .......not at all good. And that's a euphemism if ever there was one,.  I wish to dedicate this post to my beloved and erudite rakhi brother Rummuser , who suggested this topic. And thanks to for the above illustration, 'Paper Weather Icon Illustration' by SweetCrisis. The

This and That - LBC Blog Post

My daughter, whom I personally call 'the princess', is studying history and political science nowadays.  Sometimes, when I get a spare minute, which admittedly isn't often, I look over her shoulder and have a look at her course material. I got to proof-read one of her essays recently on an Indian patriot named Subhas Chandra Bose.  Now as someone who has been involved with or lived in India for the last thirty-odd years, I have read my share of official Indian history and could be forgiven for thinking that the Indian freedom struggle was all about Pandit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi and very few others.   But that's wrong.  Very wrong. Yes, I'd heard about Subhas Chandra Bose here and there, but I'd never really taken much notice of his story.  However, I looked it up yesterday and I was literally stunned. The man was phenomenal. He dared to do what very few would ever think of doing. If he had been successful in his mission, the story of modern India wo