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Another Mashup/Catchup - LBC Post

Things have been crazy lately.  My nephew's wedding took place and my home was turned upside down.  It was like thousands of people were walking through our house on a regular basis.  This was an Indian wedding of the extremely traditional variety.  I can't say I had too much to do with what was going on, I was more of a fascinated bystander really.  A lot of the functions in the wedding took place in our home, so there were caterers, priests, domestic workers and of course, guests.  Relatives, friends, you name it.  My head is spinning from the surrealism of it all.  I woke up one morning and there was a  priest chanting mantras in my drawing room.  He was also creating the legendary Hindu holy fire.  Certain guests were invited and all dressed up for the 'hawan' as the occasion is called.  However, as a simple Christian woman, it was all a bit beyond me.  At one stage, the holy fire, traditionally meant to purify the air, seemed to get a bit out of hand and everyon