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Love's Labours Lost - Extremely Overdue LBC Post

If there's one thing I've excelled at lately, it's failure.  Love's Labours Lost indeed.  Lost and gone forever, as the song says, or so it seems.  Years ago, when I became a mother, I resolved to put my kids first no matter what and for the most part, I don't regret it.  But lately, I read in Facebook about Shirley, an old friend of mine and expat Irish woman who lives in Australia, where she moved about a decade ago.  Shirley took a trip home to Dublin to touch base with her family and friends, leaving her (Irish) husband and kids to hold the fort at their home in Perth.  I've never done a thing like that, not even considered it.  Well, now I'm considering it.  My youngest's eleven and once the kids are on school holidays, I think it would be great if I could take three weeks out and visit my mother.  This occurred to me when one of my offspring informed me that he/she didn't care about what I was doing, but he/she fully intended to take their h