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Dead End Street - LBC Post

The Loose Blogging Consortium, a small group of bloggers including Rummuser , The Old Fossil , Maxi , The Old Fossil, Maxi, Shackman and Ashok ,  have been blogging along together for several years now, traditionally on Fridays.  With my hectic life, I often don't make it by Friday, but I blog along nevertheless.  I thank the group for the continued inspiration to blog when I otherwise wouldn't  have done so.  This week's topic Dead End Street is contributed by Maxi. As far as I can make out, a dead end street is a pretty negative concept.  It prevents your easy escape and generally leads to nowhere. I grew up on a small cul de sac in Dublin's north side and I wouldn't have that negative concept about dead ends.  True, once you drove into the cul de sac (dead end road) you'd have to turn around and go back again to get out. But it was okay.  Our mothers could let us go out to play on the road when we were young  and know we weren't going to wander o

I'm Coming To Get You, Princess - Part II - Chapter 1 - ROMANCE BLOOMS IN KOCHI

                                                                                                                                                                To see the previous chapter  (Part I, Chapter 9), go here                                                                                                                                                                (Three weeks earlier) Jennifer waved her journalist’s pass at the security man and walked down towards the conference centre at the hotel, which was just a stone’s throw away from Kochi’s famous Marine Drive. She felt elated to be covering this international conference in her native city.  It was a beautiful  summer morning and there was an air of magic, almost expectancy, in the air.  Her keen eyes, as always,  were on the lookout for a suitable photo opportunity.  Her attention was taken up momentarily by a couple and their cute daughter.  The mother was an impressive lady in a designer sari

All's Well That Ends Well - LBC Post

I have been so very busy these last few days that I thought today was Friday and of course it wasn't. So with even more apologies, I present this belated LBC Post.  When the LBC group where throwing topics into the mix, I came up with the idea of using Shakespeare plays as post titles.  He's a tried and tested writer.  He was one of the few writers who actually made a living from his work and his body work still manages to enthrall readers centuries after he died.  That's a unique achievement and very few writers could hope to emulate that.  Unless, of course, your name happens to be J. K. Rowling. A few weeks ago, I received an email from, the Indian blogging hub.  I love blogadda because they give me books to review and regularly send me emails telling me how awesome I am. Yes, really.  I bet they say that to all the bloggers, but so what?  A compliment's a compliment, right? And let's face it, I'm not even an Indian.  Well, okay, only by mar

Game of Blogs -Team: Bards of the Blogosphere - Chapter 5

To see the previous chapter, go here . CHAPTER 5 Roohi sat at the breakfast bar eating her cereal.  Shekhar poured her a glass of juice.  Tara usually helped get their daughter ready for school in the morning.  But today, she was going to office  early for a meeting.  As she usually needed a while to get ready, Shekhar was doing the honours. “Just finish your breakfast, Princess and tell me when you’re ready,” he said.  He usually walked her down to the door of their apartment block for her school bus.  But right now, he had something else in mind. He walked across the apartment quietly and stood in the doorway of his bedroom, watching Tara get ready for the office.  Having already expertly draped her sari, her lithe form was swathed in designer georgette, adorned with a funky, geometric design.  Her fair, well tended skin gave the impression of  her being a lot younger.  Her expertly cut, short, hair, actually razor-trimmed at the sides, in no way belied her femin