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Catch Up Post for LBC

Life is hectic nowadays.  My children had the examination results recently, followed by the round of admission applications to college etc.  My husband (around who my life revolves, naturally) has had major work commitments and has resorted to coming home at all sorts of odd hours (as he commutes to the neighbouring city).  In short, life is not at all regular and has, in fact, gone out of hand at times.  So this is why I'm so late with my LBC post this week.  And last week..... MY ODD HABIT I had to think a little about this one.  I'd have had it up on time last week, but this topic, provided by the former LBC blogger Delores caught me off my guard.  Odd habits? I don't have any of those?  Or do I? I've examined my conscience like the good Catholic woman that I am and I realize that I do indeed have an odd habit.  It may not be odd in Ireland from where I originate, but it's definitely odd in India.  It's carrying a handbag.  I carry one around with me

Pepsi IPL 2014 - According to Manan

The Pepsi IPL 2014 event is going on.  Even the Indian elections cannot overtake the cricket mania which is gripping this nation. In any case, I'm not much of a cricket aficionado - the cricket expert in my house is an eleven year old boy, aka my son, Manan.  I'm now going to hand this blog over to Manan, to write to his heart's content about the cricket craze. Take it away, Manan! IPL gets tougher and tougher every year. My favourite team is the Mumbai Indians, the winners of  last year's IPL event. This year, their best player is not playing. His name is Sachin Ramesh Tendukar, the legendary cricket player known as the Master Blaster.The Mumbai Indians are now struggling while Sachin Tendulkar can only sit in the stands, cheering.The captain of the team is now Rohit Sharma. He is my favourite cricket player.He has already scored two fifties in the tournament. He is the hope for the Mumbai Indians now.I wish they move on to a good position this year. There

Is Negative More Honest? - LBC Post

This fascinating topic is brought to us courtesy of Loose Blogging Consortium member The Old Fossil . Is negative more honest?  You mean is it more honest to be negative, sad and depressed when you're actually feeling depressed, sad and depressed?  Instead of putting up a 'sunny side up' face and smiling through your tears?  Well, I suppose so. Why pretend everything's okay when it's not? When you're happy, you can show a happy face to the world. And when you're sad, likewise.  Why pretend? So, if you're negative, it's more honest to show it, instead of putting on a brave face and pretending that all is well...... Image courtesy of Michal Marcol/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Elimination/All You Need Is......LBC Post

Today is my birthday and as I write, all I have to say is that the days, the nights the weeks - they all come around way too fast.  Last week, I got a request to do a review of a Hindi movie.  No, the filmmakers weren't exactly handing out free tickets, but they wanted bloggers to blog about this movie and as the theme of the movie was peace, I thought I should do my bit for Mother India or Bharat Mata as she's locally known.  My country-in-law, so to speak.  So blog I did on the basis of seeing the movie trailer and hearing the music.  And somehow the whole thing coincided with my LBC post, which I missed out on doing.    The post for which I'd suggested the topic. ELIMINATION was the topic and all I have to say is, how in the heck did I come up with a name like that for a post? Could it be because I have two kids who've just done their examinations.  My son has done his Class 12 examinations (School Leaving) and my daughter has just done her Class 10.  My daughte

Do We Really Need Another Social Network? Well, Let's See.....

Social networking has really taken off during the last few years.  There's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr...there seems to be no end to it, really. The most time consuming type of networking seems to be blogging.  Blogs are online diaries and can be found on Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, as well as various other sites  Netizens can write about general things, or a specific subject.  There are craft blogs, book blogs, life blogs, expat blogs, to name but a few.   With regard to blogging, it works best when you visit and comment on blogs of a similar interest.   Then there's Twitter, which introduced microblogging - a blog in less then 140 characters. Not to mention Pinterest, where you can create virtual pinboards of internet links of interest and share them with your friends.The most popular kind of networking seems to be sharing links, photos, events and opinions on Facebook.  Write a sentence, share a photo and you're gone. To show y

Pepsi IPL 2014 - According To Me!

Now that the Pepsi IPL 2014 is in full swing, I think I'm going crazy!  Not as a crazy cricket fan, mind you.  As a crazy cricket mama!  Mama as in mother, not mother's brother as 'mama' means in Hindi. My ten year old son Manan adores cricket.  He plays every day in the park along with a gang of friends and it's impossible for me to get him home to study.  But now that the Pepsi IPL 2014 is in full swing, it's hard to tear him away from the television, where he regularly parks himself, to watch matches and follow scores. As a concerned mother, I was always thrilled that his interest in sports was getting him out into the fresh air. Nothing like seeing your youngster pursue healthy, sporting activities, I always say.  It makes me feel that as a mother, I'm doing something right.  The first term tests have just finished however, and as the tests drew to a close, the last minute look over his schoolbooks in the morning replaced by his being glued to Sta

Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore - Newly Released Hindi Movie

This is a newly released Hindi film which has caught my interest.  Having lived in northern India for some twenty years, I find Hindi films have grown on me.  Although not a great Hindi speaker, I have my favourite Hindi movies and film stars.  And every so often, a Hindi movie comes along which just radiates universal appeal..... And having lived in northern India for as long as I have, if there's one thing I understand about this region, it's the fact that partition - the splitting of this country into two countries, India and Pakistan - really cut the soul of  India into pieces too.  You can take it that I'm apolitical -  a foreign resident of India, but I keep myself away from politics as I am unable to vote.  And I can see thaqt although a common thread binds the people of India, north, south, east and west, the people of north India have so much in common with their counterparts across the border that it seems odd that they wear different labels i.e. "Indian