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The Right To Vote

Well, the world's biggest democracy is at it again.  Elections, I mean. As an Irish citizen, I have no right to vote in the Indian elections.  I lived in Ireland initially for over thirty years and paid my taxes there.  Who knows, I might end up going back there one day?  So I've decided to keep my Irish nationality.  However, as I've no wish to give up my Irish passport, I can't apply for Indian nationality.  I've lived here for twenty years and am basically a second class citizen.  I am unable to vote.  India doesn't allow dual nationality. Today, while on Facebook, I posted the following status. "As an Irish citizen who lives in India, I feel terrible that I am unable to vote. People have died for the right to vote and I've thrown my  right away.  Don't I have rights in my country of residence?  I should have the right to have dual nationality, I think.  I am an Irish citizen and I have lived in this country for twenty years but I will lo

Undone - An LBC Post

Hey, Will Knott, thanks a bunch for leaving a cryptic topic for the LBC to write on and then disappearing into the wild blue yonder.  As a harassed wife and mother and four with the spouse and offspring forever clamouring for my time and attention, this wasn't a 'post 'n go' topic' for which I could stick up a photo, leave a Tweet-sized statement and run off to comment on other LBC blogs.  I tried to conjure up a picture using the word 'undone', but the photo that came up, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.  Just let's say if I used it, you'd think this was a post about male strippers before you'd even started to read. Strewth! (I'm probably reading too many historical novels lately - 'Strewth' is a corrupt version of an old-fashioned English exclamation 'God's truth!'). Speaking of historical fiction, as a book reviewer, it's my favourite genre.  It wafts you back into another time and place when life was

Hysteria - LBC Post

I can't believe that another Friday has come around.  Time for another blogging group post.  And this week's topic, Hysteria, was, in fact, suggested by me.  I'd quite forgotten. Hysteria - that sense of losing one's head, going crazy, hysterical in fact, seems to be a particularly female trait.  It shouldn't be, of course.  But the world 'hyster' means uterus.  Apparently, years ago, centuries in fact, it was considered that the uterus was the place where irrational feelings started.  What a mad idea.  No doubt, particular hormonal activity happens at certain times of the month and all of that, in fact, in traditional cultures, women are supposed to get days off housework and get pampered by all the people in the house during 'those days'. Well, I live in India, which is a very traditional culture and all I can say is 'I wish'.    I remember a very smart writer, Cynthia Heimel, wrote in an article in Cosmopolitan years ago that she ma

LBC Friday Post - Pen Pals

So it's Friday again, and time for a bit of joint blogging with the members of the LBC blogging group.  At the height of our glory, we had a dozen or so members contributing.  Nowadays, our membership has rather diminished as our paths have evolved, diversified and changed.  I'm very reluctant to let things go, though and tend to hang on to the bitter end.  So here's my post for this week, PEN PALS, the topic suggested by my extremely handsome and erudite rakhi brother from Pune in western India,   Ramana aka Rummuse r. When I was very young, perhaps seven years old, I started up a correspondence with my cousin Veronica who lived in Scotland. Well, the starting up was mutual.  We exchanged letters throughout our childhood and teens and discussed all the sort of things that young girls would discuss, i.e. studies, friends, etc.  Well, now, as to boyfriends, I didn't have much to contribute there.  I had no breathless teenage romances to discuss.  Oh, I had an odd cr