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Fate and My Favourite Poem - Two LBC Posts

Life has been getting in the way lately - hence the very late two-posts-in-one LBC post.  The way I look at it, it's better than nothing. Now, about FATE , last week's LBC topic.  I live in India where people have a lot of belief in luck and fate.  If you commiserate with someone on a misfortune, they often dismiss it by saying "ah, it is my luck."  Something like people in Ireland saying "it's just my luck".  We're all victims of fate, goes the thinking.  The dice rolls and we have to be happy with whatever we get. Not. I disagree.  Totally.   Our thinking influences our fate.  Our words influence it.  It's all down to attitude.  As for me, I plan to enjoy tremendous success during the next few years.  I'm making every thought captive and I'm going to be positive and get ready to enjoy God's blessings.  I will only use positive words. Now see what happens. This week's topic is MY FAVOURITE POEM .  Wel

Are We Too Busy For What Really Matters? An LBC Post

Many times, we complain that we are too busy to do man of the things we want to do. I've done it often enough myself.  Yet, when I've made the effort to make time, I've done pretty well.  The truth is, the phrase 'too busy' is probably the greatest excuse in the world for putting things we could or should be doing. Now the trouble with me is, I always take on far too many projects. My waiting to be read pile of books is like a mountain.  There are friends  I have to contact and phone calls I have to make. Writing and editing projects to finish.   I don't know where to begin once I get a free hour here and there.  So I suppose my main task at the minute is to prioritize everything.  Then I'd be fine.  Maybe. Meanwhile, there's a degree I have to finish. It shall be done.  (Yes, Ramana , I really mean that.) This is a post for the Loose Bloggers' Consortium, the group with whom I blog along on Fridays.  My fellow LBC members are listed in the

Indian Fiction - THE HUNT FOR KOHINOOR by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

I enjoyed this Indian spy thriller by Manreet Singh Someshwar.  Anyone who understands the political situation in south Asia would enjoy this.  The Indian Premier and the Pakistani leader  are about to meet at a secret location when the Pak leader is blown to smithereens.  As his briefcase, containing top secret documents, is incinerated along with him, it becomes imperative to find copies of those documents.  Enter Raghav and Mehrunisa, two capable intelligence gatherers.  He’s a member of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of the Indian Foreign Ministry and she’s an art historian of mixed Iranian and Indian parentage, the daughter of an old RAW hand.  She wants to spend time with her long lost father (did I mention he’s been missing for years? No?) but before she can, she must do RAW’s bidding and find those documents, preferably yesterday.  As she negotiates Pakistani terrain with Taliban terror yapping at her heels, you heart will be in your mouth.  She’s quite the princess, o


Separation is the state of being apart from someone or something particularly indispensable and necessary to one's very existence. The very word 'separation' has such negative connotations.  It has come to mean that stage before divorce, where a couple splits and both parties move out of each other's lives.  I don't see it quite that way.  My husband and I were 'separated' by a distance of about ten thousand kilometres for several years before we made our relationship legal and permanent.  The long separation made for a very passionate and thrilling courtship period.  I can't even think about it now without getting goosebumps.   I wouldn't say that being together is boring's different. Very different.  Being able to take each other for granted can do untold damage to a relationship.  But of course there are worse things for a relationship than separation(s).  There's breakdown of communication and loss of respect.  It'