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Recollections - LBC Post.

I have many wonderful memories of my last twenty years in India.  Luckily for me, the presence  of mobiles which take photos, not to mention social media, have made communication very easy.  I don't always have a phone with me when I go about, but when I've done so, I've got some great pictures.

You never know what you're going to see next in India.  One morning, I was just waving my kids off to school and I looked around and saw this little chap sitting on the wall.  Well, I'd never have seen him in Dublin.  I clicked this picture on my camera and uploaded it to Facebook.  I'm sharing it here now, of course.

Snake charmers are ubiquitous in India. They come around and show off their snakes every so often and expect money and clothes in return for the show.  When this man came around, we took the photo from the upstairs balcony.  My daughter had me in hysterics when she observed that the snake charmer was turning himself inside out playing his haunting pipe music when the snake stood (or whatever it is they do) and stared at him calmly.

I clicked this one on a visit to the Lucnow Mahotsav, a craft fair, in December 2011.  This is the photo I use for my Facebook background.  The crafted pieces are very interesting and varied.

I love the way the houses are lit up on Diwali night. This is my photo of the front of my house on Diwali in 2012.  

I spotted these roses in florist near a temple near my sons' school.

It's good that I took some pictures.  They bring back such great memories.  This is what our front garden looks like at night.  It's been cemented over, but I still maintain that it retains an aura of mystery.

Every Friday a half-dozen of us post as members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium, on the same topic simultaneously. Sorry, with my life gone crazy I didn't have the presence of mind to post along with the group for thise last two weeks. If you wish to check them out, their links are in the sidebar. 


  1. Here we have flea markets and that shot of the craft fair would fit right in - no question mobile phones are great to use exactly as you described

  2. You have just given me an idea about snake charmers. I am a great fan of charm but am weary of anything without legs (like snakes). And their tongues. I am trying to get my brain round how the charmer charms the snake. I am resistant to google it. So far my theory being the Indian dopes them. Hypnosis? Not as far fetched as it sounds, Maria. After all: There are horse whisperers.


  3. Nice captures for your memory books!

    Now I am trying to think of the unusual visitors to my garden or view from my back door....?

  4. It is the vibrant colors that really appeals and that monkey is a charmer ;)

    Good to meet ya, Maria

  5. No elephants, bullock carts, street jugglers and so on and so forth? And how could you ignore food?


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