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I’ll say this for Ruchi Vasudeva. She really knows how to surprise a reader. I read part one of her Lucknow Sehgal sisters series, BOLLYWOOD FIANCE FOR A DAY and watched aghast as Saira snatched away her sister Vishakha’s fiancĂ©. I really had no idea what Saira’s story could be like. What was left for her to do after marrying her sister’s former fiancĂ©? But I had to think again. Life is strange with it’s twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learns, in fiction as in fact. The pampered younger daughter in the story, Saira has to learn to grow, change and mature. The story of Saira’s journey is no less fascinating than Vishakha’s. Ruchi paints an uncannily accurate portrait of a marriage which destroys the soul. This is a writer of insight. As in the case of the previous novel (never mind the sensational title) this book is not just a work of quality romantic fiction. It is, in my humble opinion, a quality work of Indian fiction. Period. I also enjoyed Rihaan’s story of growin

An LBC Post On The Double - The Value of Newspapers in the Digital Age and Speaking a Second Language

This is a double Loose Bloggers Consortium post. The LBC is the group of bloggers of which I'm a member, which posts weekly on the same topic. I'm going through some major changes in my life lately.  I've made some life changing decisions and the time is coming to implement them or rather, to try to implement them.  So please don't blame me if I've fallen behind in many of my projects - the weekly LBC post being just one of them.  I missed last week's topic but I'm endeavouring to make up for it this week.  Last week's topic, contributed by the wonderful Shackman, was a question.   Are newspapers of any value in the digital age?  This week's topic was contributed by the amazing Old Fossil - Speaking a Second Language. So are newspapers of any value in the digital age?  My Pavlovian (instinctively reactional) reply would be, yes, they are.   Mind you, with the speed with which digital news can be served up, stories - often exaggeratedly wrong

Popeye's Understanding of Being - LBC Post

I simply cannot believe that it's time for another LBC post this week.  And I'm late again.  So I'm late.  So what?  Better late than never, right?  Well, that' s my take on this and I'm sticking to it.  This week's topic POPEYE'S UNDERSTANDING OF BEING comes to us from the inimitable Old Fossil.  Bless him, they don't come any nicer than he does.  But what sort of a topic is this that he's given us?   For once in her life, gaelikaa (that was once my blogging name!) is speechless.  I'm rather concerned about utilizing photos that I don't own.  I got my Egyptian queen here from a free download site.  As I mentioned last week, I went crazy downloading Egyptian stuff when I was writing an historical novel in November. A novel set in ancient Egypt, among other places.  I like to post photos along with my posts, so here's my Egyptian queen and I do think she looks rather more beautiful than Popeye does. Popeye is, to my mind, a rather w

Give Us This Day Our Daily.......LBC Post

This week's LBC topic was GIVE US THIS DAY OUR the inimitable Padmini, LBC blogger from Chennai in India. I like the openness of the topic. Unfortunately, I was unwell on Friday and unable to participate.  But better late than never, so here I am.  BTW, the photograph has no relationship with the topic whatsoever. I went crazy downloading photographs of all things ancient Egyptian recently, as I was writing a novel partially set in ancient Egypt.  The only connection between the photo and the topic is the fact that the pyramids are from Egypt, which appears in the Bible quite often and the topic is a partial quote from the Bible. All I pray to God for right now is peace.  I have very little peace in my life right now.  I have a great life.  I'm the wife of an amazing man and the mother of four wonderful kids.  I have a  happy and creative life, enjoying many activities such as reading, writing and taking care of my home. So what's the problem?  The probl