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Blogging the MOOC - The Future of Storytelling with Iversity - Part 5, 6, 7 and 8

Continuing (only just!) to blog on the Massive Open Online Course - Thoughts and Impressions. Chapter 5 Lecturer:  Christina Maria Schollerer Guest Lecturers:  Dr Mark Butler, University of Potsdam, Dr. Winfried Gerling, Prof. Constanze Langer, Grit Schuster Unit 1 - Introduction CM Schollerer introduces the unit and shares that it will be on digital games this week. Unit 2 - Gameplaying and Storytelling Dr Mark Butler from Potsdam at the Museum of Digital Games in Berlin.  Showing the history of games and discussing 'do games tell stories?/ Ludology - the study of games Ludologists - scholars who see games as a form of rule system v. narratologists who see them as a medium of storytelling The first video game SPACEWARS (1962) was based on the novels of Edward E. King Donkey Kong was the first video game with a clear story. How do games tell stories?  With settings, plots, omnipresent off-screen narrators, characters, dialogues, internal monologues. Cu

Broken - LBC Post

This week's LBC topic 'Broken' was suggested by our member Will Knott who, will probably not (ha! bad joke) be posting today as he's on a sabbatical from our group.   As a person who has multiple projects to finish before the year end, I nearly decided to give this post a miss, but in the end I realized that if I would like this group to continue (which I would!) then it is imperative to continue to post.  So what if I'm busy?  The tried and trusted formula of a photograph and a Tweet sized summary of the given topic has seen me through before.  It will do so again. I must visit my LBC friends and comment on their posts too.   So: Just because something is broken doesn't mean that all is lost. Things can be put back together again if one has the patience to do so. Happy New Year to everyone who reads this post.  May all your wishes be fulfilled in 2014. Every Friday a half-dozen of us post as members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium, on the same t

A Christmas Post - Five Gifts I'd Love To Give My Children For Christmas

As a mother of four children, who are the very life of me, I'm literally living my dream.  From the  time it first became possible for me to have children, I dreamt of being a mother.  I didn't exactly have suitors queueing up for me, you understand.  I wasn't found too easily.  I could generally be found in the local library, totally absorbed in reading while my friends at school (this was Dublin, Ireland, circa 1980) were going off the the pub at weekends to see U2 playing when they were just a local band, prior to their superstardom.  My dad's younger brother, Uncle Anthony, declared that I would probably be found dead in the library one day, having failed to live a proper life.  He got the shock of his life a few years later, the first time I met him after my marriage. By then, I'd produced a son, was enthusiastically breastfeeding and had turned into Mother Earth.  "I can't believe this," he was heard to mutter. But it was all true.  I have,

Determination - LBC Post

This week's LBC topic DETERMINATION was thrown into the ring!  Now why did I do that?  No idea what prompted me to suggest this topic.  But I'm going to post on it anyway in my usual fashion.  I'm writing a book, doing some editing work from home  and running a couple of book blogs as we speak as well as taking care of home and kids, so this is my 'speed post' type of post  - a downloaded photo on the subject of DETERMINATION and a tweet-sized definition of the topic according to me.  So here we go.  Well, the photo on the right shows some Chinese athletes running determinedly towards the finishing point.  I guess you really can't get more determined than that. Determination is the complete application of one's will in pursuit of a definable goal without  any intention of accepting defeat in mind. I guess that just about defines it. I dedicate this post to the members of our blogging group the LBC (links in sidebar) and to all our readers.

Global Peace - Is It Possible? LBC Post

I  can't believe it's Friday already and time for another LBC post.  The Loose Blogger's Consortium (LBC) is a blogging group consisting of about half a dozen of us who blog together every Friday on the same topic.  We are indebted to Ramana (aka blogger Rummuser) for this week's topic.  Instead of just giving a straightforward topic like anyone else would, he posed a question instead.  Is global peace possible? he asked.  I decided to answer his question in a Tweet sized sentence. Is global peace possible?  Of course it is. If everyone gets in harmony with each other.   But will it happen?  How on earth would I know? As we say in Ireland (well, as they used to say when I lived there two decades ago), that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks to  All-Free-Download  for the photo.  Thanks to  Lettercount  for their character counting facilities.  And thanks to my LBC group for being there every Friday in blogging solidarity.

Tribute to a Great Human Being

Hero of our time, Who inspired millions of us. Live forever, Madiba!

Beauty - Loose Bloggers Consortium Topic of the Week

It's Friday again and time for another Loose Bloggers Consortium topic.  This week's topic BEAUTY was suggested by our former member Delirious, for which I thank her. It's good to know what you have to write about. And thanks to the rest of the group (links in sidebar) for providing a blogging anchor for me, for being there and giving me a reason to come back here every week and keeping me connected to my blogging roots, rather than just writing novels, doing Facebook posts and book blogging. A Sonnet on Vanishing Beauty That beauty's in the eye of the beholder Is something that I have very often heard  At fifty, now I'm actually getting older I'm looking at that saying with some dread It's true I was not over proud in youth Of my looks.  'I'm quite ordinary,' I'd say But now I slowly come to face the truth I wasn't that bad looking in my day I'm not one of those extraordinary people Who proudly flaunt the

Reading Challenge - Around The World in 80 Books

My reading muscles have atrophied lately and in order to give them a reason to move, I'm joining a reading challenge.  AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BOOKS is the name of the challenge that has caught my attention.   There are a few rules, such as you have to read books about different places and you can't read two books set in the same place, ie. New York.  Well, I'm not sure I can do that.  I wouldn't refuse to read a book because it was set in a place where I'd already read a book set in that same place earlier in the year.  So I may not be able to collect all the little 'gem' prizes for reading different types of challenges within the challenges.  But 80 books is doable, so I'm going to give it a try.  I just hope I can do it.  This challenge is being run from the LOVE BITES AND SILK blog.  What an unusual name.  It's a book blog BTW. Something like my book blog MBB

An Open Letter To Someone

If you're reading this, you'll know who you are.  I'm not addressing you by name, nor am I about to reveal your identity.  I'm writing this to get something off my mind and to move on with a clean slate.  This stage is a turning point for you.  You may be full of hope for the future and desirous of as many blessings and good wishes as you can get. I wish you well.  I wouldn't do otherwise. You and I always got along.  No matter what was going on around, we always had an empathy.  I do believe I was someone to whom you could confide your deepest secrets, things you couldn't talk to the people who are supposed to be closer to you than I am.  I always tried to be there for you.  I even think you needed me.  Because of that, I made time for you and gave you priority in my life.  I tried to do the best I could for you.  Always.  Because of our unique relationship and because of what we shared in the past, I trusted you. That's why your betrayal was such a le