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Wrong Fit!

Some twenty five years back when I was a harrassed young working woman (as opposed to a harrassed middle aged hausfrau) working in an office on the south side of Dublin city, the working day had come to an end, the darkness was descending and I was late for my evening class.  My two office pals, Pat and Pamela and Mary, our housekeeping assistant, were getting ready to leave, but we were all chat about some office matter or another. "Well, I've no time to stand about waiting for you girls, I'm late for my class," said I.  I ran up to the coat stand and grabbed my coat, a long, dark affair of a thing if I remember rightly, threw it on myself, grabbed my bag and ran for the no. 13 bus, from Appian Way in Dublin all the way over to the commercial college in Dorset Street where I was studying a computer course.  I was in a tearing hurry and never noticed how my coat seemed to be sweeping the road as I ran.  But that was me, back in the day.  Not a care in the world. No

Indian Fiction - BOLLYWOOD FIANCE FOR A DAY by Ruchi Vasudeva

What can possibly restore your credibility after being jilted by your fiance for your more superficially attractive sister, so that your wedding goes ahead and your sister takes your place?  If you’re an Indian girl, I mean? Well, getting engaged to a Bollywood hero on the morning of  the sister’s wedding, I suppose.  That’s one way to save face and put a stop to those feigned, compassionate glances, not to mention the inevitable, whispered comparisons. Meet Vishakha.  Dr. Vishakha Sehgal, I mean to say.  Serious, academic, committed to her medical vocation, putting the welfare of her patients above her own.  Heck, she puts everyone’s welfare above her own, but I digress.  In her downtime, she’s a serious foodie, knowing all the best places to eat even if they’re off the beaten track.  She loves to browse and buy her books in little, traditional bookshops, eschewing the more glamorous book retail chains.  Who knew that her quicksilver mind had absorbed enough Bollywood trivia t