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My First Kiss

I have Delirious to thank for the long brainstorming session I had prior to writing this post.  Our LBC members take turns in suggesting topics and this one has had me a little perturbed.  I mean, talk about spilling the beans on a personal matter!  I could see myelf running into dangerous waters here.  If not iceberg filled, at least shark filled. Kissing is something I've been doing every day of my life for years.  I have gorgeous, lovable children and I can't stop hugging them and kissing them.  I have an adolescent son who doesn't really like getting kissed by his mother, well, not much anyway, which is perfectly understandable. There's a woman who comes to our  house to cook for some of our family members and she brings her tiny son along with her.  That kid adores me and is always jumping into my lap for hugs and kisses.  Which is quite a pleasant experience really.  Except my younger kids get jealous and sometimes try to push him away. I always greet my own

What I Did For A Living

I worked full time for twelve years, before I gave up work to be a full time wife and mother.  Now that the kids are growing up, I've gone back to writing.  I did write and was published in the past.  I often did several things at a time. Once, when I worked in an office job, I found myself beset by financial problems.  I had a lot of unpaid tax to pay back.  I worked in an office where the employer was not required to look after the tax matters of the employees.  In Ireland, we have a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system, at least they did in my time, twenty years ago.  People used to moan about PAYE, but they would have been even more upset if their tax was like mine.  There was no category for me only as self-employed and as I had very few tax free allowances, my tax rate was actually higher than that of a PAYE worker.  I avoided dealing with tax matters for a while which resulted in a huge bill.  So I had to think of a solution.  I went to the tax office to sort out the probl

National Healthcare Vs. Private - LBC Post

This is not a topic which lights my fire, but as it's the chosen topic for my blogging group, the LBC, I'm going to go with it.  I know it's a hot topic in many countries, particularly in the USA.  People get really emotional over this.  But I'm not one of them. As a child and as a young woman, I lived in Ireland. As my father, the major breadwinner of our family, died when I was young, while I wouldn't exactly say our family was poor, we were not a high income family.  So the state healthcare was good enough for us.  As far as I am aware, it was fine.  Although my father died of a terminal illness, we didn't have too many health crises thoughout our family life.  So I would have found the Irish state healthcare system just fine. At just over thirty years of age, I moved to India.  I got married and settled down here.  I've had several hospital stays, four times for my deliveries, an extra time for hypertension in pregnancy and I also suffered from hepa