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Review – CHILLI, CHICKS & HEART ATTACKS (The Misadventure of an intern by Dr. Manjula Mendis) by Sanjaya Senanayake

This novel is the story of a non-resident Sri Lankan doctor,  in his first year on the job in an Australian hospital., fresh from his graduation from medical studies.  Sri Lankan by ethnicity and culture, Manjula has lived and been educated in Australia, and although Australia may be ‘down under’ in geographical terms, it’s pretty much a prosperous ‘western style’ nation to all intents and purposes.  So this is the classic ‘east meets west’ tale in a slightly different setting. Manjula is not completely eastern. He’s sensitive enough to know that his roots are Sri Lankan, but at the same time, he’s not blind to the nuts and bolts of modern, urban living.  He speaks with particular insight about the dilemma faced by the children of Asian immigrants, coming to terms with life in the ‘new world environment’ (for want of a better term) as well as trying to live up to the expectations of  Asian parents.  He blends in well with his fellow interns, who are a bunch of people of vari