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Nature Vs. Nurture - LBC Post

My eldest son, whom I refer to as 'Neill' for the purposes of blogging, was a little concerned one day.  He told me in all seriousness that in his adult life, he'd have to leave India and go and live in Ireland.   Without wishing to pry, but madly curious all the same, I feigned a slight disinterest and asked him why. "I have to take care of my Naani," came the reply.  "Naani" refers to the grandmother who happens to be your mother's mother.  The similar sounding word 'nanny' is often used to refer to the grandmother in Ireland.  There "nanny" can be either of the two grandmothers.  I asked Neill why was he anxious about my mother. "She's getting older," he explained.  "She has no son.  I'm her eldest grandson.  It's my duty to take care of her." I asked him what about his father's mother and he replied that as she has three sons and six grandsons, she will always have someone to look out f

Half Full Glass

My daughter Trisha was worried. It was the anniversary of the birth of the foundress of the religious order which runs her convent school. She had to make up a poem in honour of the lady. I suggested a nice limerick. A woman named Mary Ward, Feeling incredibly bored Joined the nuns, built some schools, Set some trends, broke some rules And heaven became her reward. My daughter was not too happy.  Unimpressed would be the word. So I suggested a sonnet instead. Shakespearean, actually.  Here it is: Mary Ward you ever shall inspire us To always try to do our very best, The do the thing that God would find desirous To labour and to never look for rest The story of your life shines through the ages Through centuries your influence still reaches Your biography in our school diary pages Lights our minds and continues to teach us Your vision of the future role of women Was indeed prophetic, we agree You could see there were great changes comiing Now your vision ev