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Shave or Crave - Choose or Lose?

Apparently there is a new social movement going on in India - the 'Shave or Crave' movement.  Indian women have decided to get together and pressurise the men to shave their evening stubble or face the consequences.  I'm never one to sit on the sidelines when there is something exciting going on, so I've entered the Women Bloggers Shave or Crave drive.  So I'm here to tell the man in my life that he'd better shave off his stubble - or else!

Yeah, there's nothing like a nice, clean shaven man to snuggle up to on cold winter nights - I suppose.  As you might have gathered,  I have a slight problem here.  My man, such as he is, is not great for shaving during the winter months - simple and straightforward, that's him.  No nonsense and straight to the point.  Just the way I like it.  He disappears behind a beard for the course of the winter months.  After Diwali in November/October, his visage transforms.  He becomes unrecognisable and I get this new husband.  He develops a dark, morose kind of look, somewhat like one of those brooding heroes in the romance novels I read from time to time.  But come Holi in the springtime, the beard is discarded and he emerges in all his clean-shaven glory.  

So how do I handle this situation, firangi and all that I am?  Simple!  Like a good Indian wife, I've learnt to adjust.  I actually enjoy the variety of the summer/winter variations that my spouse's personality and appearance offers.  I'm not one to moan and complain - the way I look at it, our relationship has remained new, fresh and exciting precisely because of the variety it offers.  That, in my humble opinion, is a way to stave off marital ennui.  If he's keeping me happy with all this variety, how can I become bored and look outside our union for diversity or excitement?

And men, kindly note this piece of wisdom I'm about to share with you.  When women confide that they like 'a bit of rough,'  it doesn't mean that they want to be beaten up or worse, that the type of variety that the characters  in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' by EL James indulge in is their craving!  No.  It means that they enjoy a man in all his facets, the rough and the smooth.  Young girls may wax ecstatic over clean shaven heroes and actors with chocolate box beauty , but there's nothing like a mature man to really get the pulse racing.  Especially as a woman matures and is in her prime.  Of course lots of older women enjoy the company of younger men.  That's okay too, if that's what they like.   I'm generalising really, but I think I do have a point.

I can foresee problems with the 'Shave or Crave' movement.  Some men never shave in India because of their religious faith.  So if their women prefer a clean shaven man, they have to lump it.  These ladies can't think of joining the 'Shave or Crave' drive.  Sad.

As for me, having the best of both worlds, I'm perfectly happy.  The razorblades manufacturing companies may not be too happy with me or my husband - but I guess we can live with it.

Between variety being the spice of life and the timeless wisdom of having to adjust to all circumstances (within reasonable parameters of course) I really do have the best of all worlds.

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  1. You clean forgot your brother who does not bother to shave spring summer or winter. His late wife did not like the sand paper effect either and preferred him with a soft beard. It is now too late to give up that dadiwallah identity for him.

  2. Thanks bhaiyaa...I never forget you, I just didn't mention you this time....

  3. Shave or crave - who thinks up this kind of rubbish? The skin on the chin is like nap on velvet. Rubbed the right way it feels like silk.

  4. @Grannymar - Yeah I know, but hey, go easy! I'm trying to win an iPad....

  5. I just deleted a spam comment. Let that be a lesson to any spammer who dares to show his or her face around here. I have zero level tolerance for spammers.

  6. On some men beards look lovely and they look strange when the beard goes! I think it's lovely you have the best of both worlds x

  7. love your take , its honest!

    here my entry :


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