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Best Answer To The Question 'Does My Bum Look Big In This?'

This is the weirdest post title  I've done for the LBC (Loose Blogging Consortium).  And yes, I'm late. Life has been crazy lately.  This is my major blog, my personal blog.  It is supposed to be an expat blog.  I opened up a new blog this week in keeping with my changing lifestyle and have neglected this one shamefully.  But I miss this blog terribly.  So here I am trying to go on with 'gaelikaa's diary.'  But I digress. So if someone asked me 'does my bum look big in this?' what would I say? I'd say no.  If someone needs to ask a question like that, their confidence is obviously low and I'm not the person who will damage another person's self esteem. Clothes can't make someone's rear look larger.  Being overweight does.  Anyways, I'm not terribly visual and don't dwell to much on what I see, unless I'm reading.  I'm much more likely to be interested in what a person is like to have a conversation with than in ho