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Review - Ohh Yes I Am Single - And So Is My Girlfriend by Durjoy Dutta and Neeti Rustagi

It is not written for my age group but I read it anyway. We have to read outside our comfort level at times. The hero (he has the same name as one of the authors) narrates his love story - or stories - for the benefit of anyone who's interested. The gospel according to Durjoy. How he was a fat, ugly fellow who followed the same girl home from school for years. The first crush. The first kiss. The first sex. The first true love. By the time I finished this book, I was ready to murder the main character with my bare hands. These things are very personal. Who in the name of all that's sacred wants to know about his sex life? Well, as I live in the middle class India which is Durjoy's milieu, I know now never to engage a young man as a tutor for my daughter. Heck, I knew it anyway. No one forced me to read this book. It was lent to me and I finished it because I started it. It was tedious from start to finish. There may be people who are willing to pay o

The Strangest Place I've Ever Slept In....

About twenty years back, when I was in my early twenties and yet unmarried, I happened to meet an old friend from my teenage years, one summer Sunday evening after Mass.  That was back in the day when Ireland had a very high Mass attendance.  My friend's name was Howard.  Well it is for the purposes of this post, as I don't like to share personal information about identifiable people when I write. Howard had a rather interesting history.  He had been the boyfriend of Janet, a friend of mine, for about three years.  However, he'd ended the relationship to enter a religious order as it had been his burning ambition to be a priest. I'd found it incredibly strange how I'd spot him and Janet necking furiously whenever they got the opportunity, yet he was just about to go away and change his life forever.  When I questioned Janet about it (as in 'how can you bear to let him go?  Won't you miss him?) she'd smiled and replied that by her 'giving him up


I am a non-stop talker who has (yes, really!) kissed the Blarney Stone.  That's something I did on a visit to Blarney in Cork many years ago.  It's not an easy thing, kissing the Blarney Stone.  Stupid custom really, but since everyone else was doing it, I too did, looking rather ridiculous if you must know.  You almost take your life in your hands doing that, lying down backwards and grabbing on to something to steady you while you smooch this inanimate object that's supposed to give you the gift of a persuasive tongue.  Did it work?  I suppose so.  I suppose my husband would be the best person to confirm that.  He can't say no to me.  Well, not much anyway!  I write like I talk and I know I talk way too much for my own good.  My mother's elder sister, my aunty Nuala, put it very well when she said 'you let people know you.'  I give far too much away.  I really do admire people who can be all secretive and silent, but that's just not me.  Never could

Olympics - Loose Blogging Consortium Post

I'm 49 this year.  For some unknown reason, I have very clear memories of the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  Well, watching them on television, naturally.  I was 13 years old and living in Dublin. I couldn't have gone there even if I'd wanted to. I remember vividly watching Nadia Comaneci scoring her perfect tens on the assymetric bars and the horse, not to mention her pert gymnastic dance routine on what was (and probably still is) known as the floor exercises.  She was regarded with something like awe both by me and by my peers.  It was with ill-concealed envy that she was regarded by all of us, yet we knew deep down that she was probably going to peak at, like, sixteen (or was it fifteen?) years of age and spend the rest of her life as a former world champion.  Everyone was aware that the inexorable soviet-cloned machine that was the Romanian administration picked these children out of the system and removed them from their families in order to make them world champions.  B