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Dark - LBC Post

I have missed nearly every post of my group the Loose Blogging Consortium, for the last month.  There are quite a few unfinsihed drafts lurking in my blog, but sadly, I never seem to have moulded them into a finished product. At the moment, I'm preparing to return to my native Dublin for a month. Although we are not moving for another few days (ten!) we have a lot to do, so I can safely  won't do any regular posts for a while. This is only making official what has been going on (or not going on rather!) for some time now.   I'm afraid my blog has gone dark.  Nothing but old posts and spam comments. I'll try to post when I get a chance, in case there are any readers left (well, I have at least one, I know that much!).  Hopefully, I'll return from my holiday in Dublin refreshed and recharged.  I've been so jaded lately, all my writing has just come to a standstill.  Maybe a change of scenery is just what I need.  I haven't been at home to Ireland for the