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Book Review - The Devotion of Suspect X

She hadn’t meant to kill him.  As Yasuka Hanaoka stared at the lifeless body of her ex husband on the floor of her Tokyo apartment, she realised that she was a killer and must now turn herself in.  She had been so wrong.  She’d thought that marriage to Togashi eight years earlier would give her and her daughter the financial and emotional security they needed.  But it all turned into a nightmare when Togashi turned out to be an embezzler.  They’d been divorced for five years but he still hounded her from apartment to apartment and job to job, never leaving until he had extorted money.  But what now?  Her daughter was adamant – this had been self defence, she must not turn herself in. Help came from an unlikely source, her neighbour, Mr. Ishigami, a quiet scholarly man who was a mathematician.  He helped Yasuko to dispose of the body and destroyed the evidence.  But when a fluke revealed the identity of the victim, once the body was found, the investigation begins to heat u