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Effectiveness - LBC Post

She arrived home from the school, longing for a rest and a cup of tea.   As she entered, her mother in law looked up from her book, the religious scriptures which she never tired of reading. "You look tired," said the old lady.  "Go and make yourself a cup of tea.  The children will be in from school soon." So she went into the kitchen and put on the kettle.  Meanwhile, she went to the stores and took several handfuls of rice, which she duly sorted and washed with water which had been kept aside for that purpose.  Rice duly washed, she placed it in the pressure cooker with the requisite amount of water and turned on the gas.  Her tea was ready.  As she stood in the kitchen drinking her tea, she measured out several handfuls of moong beans and repeated the process she'd done with the rice.  As she put the beans on the gas in the pressure cooker, again with the requisite water, salt and masala, the cooker containing the rice whistled and she reduced the heat

My Favourite Hobby - LBC Post

I have one, no make that two, hobbies, but they are almost like the same thing in a way.  One is reading. The other is writing.  They are closely related of course.   I've loved reading and writing - both - ever since I was a child.  I was a voracious reader and read all my three weekly library books within the first couple of days.  I was so into reading that my mother seriously feared I was losing touch with reality.  She was probably right.  The cushioned middle class English world of Enid Blyton  in and E. Nesbit were light years away and distant in time from my life on Dublin's north side in the nineteen seventies.  I was working class, not middle class and I attended government schools, not boarding schools.  Not that it mattered.a great deal.  I'd learned to understand all that by the time I reached my mid-teens. I used to write letters and keep diaries too.  I could never understand why my cousins were so slow about answering my long, meandering letters.  I w

Getting Lost

I got lost once when I was about twenty one.  Sounds silly, doesn't it?  Let me explain. I was painfully shy as a teen, with low self confidence.  Most of my schoolfriends started socialising in their teens, going out to discos and going to watch live bands playing in pubs at the weekend.  By the time we'd finished school, most of us had the first drink and the first smoke well behind us.  Not me, though.  In fact, the night we finished our Leaving Certificates in 1981 and went out to a pub, Wynn's Hotel Bar (on Abbey Street) and the Tara Club Disco (near O'Connell Bridge), I was the one who provided the laughs by choking on my first cigarette and getting practically legless on a glass of shandy (lager and lemonade).  I was extremely innocent and the girls were very protective of me.  Bless them. So there were all these painful social initiations to get through.  I joined a freight office, where there were a lot of shrewd and streetwise people.  Yes, they were nice.

Fishes of the Sea - LBC Post

I'll say this for Magpie, our LBC member who thought up the topic for this post.  He always has me staring at a blank screen.  Forever.  I find it very difficult to write about his topics.  But that's okay.  I like a challenge. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw this topic was a rhyme we used to say when we were kids if we wanted to be picked for something - usually to be 'it' in a game. Flowers in the garden Fishes in the sea If you want to pick one Please pick me Useless in this case.  The title is 'fishes of' not 'fishes in', dammit! I come from Dublin, a city which is situated beside the sea.  Quite unlike inland Lucknow, in north India, which is my present home.  Being from a seaside city, I should be fond of seafood.  Right?  Wrong!  When it comes to seafood, I'm a fish finger person all the way.  I like my fish to resemble fish as little as possible. When I was a little 'un, my father used to bring us to the sea