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A Stolen Tag.

For some reason, this tag on writer Teresa Ashby's blog appealed to me.  So I stole it.  Sorry, Teresa. 1. Do you wish you’d been born someone else?     No, never.  I love being me. 2. Who would you most like to have breakfast with?            My husband.  The way our life is, it's usually me, serving HIM breakfast before he rushes off to catch his train. 3. Favourite subject at school?     English, English, English.  And English literature.  It wasn't like work or studies. 4. Favourite television programme?     'Balika Vadhu'.  It is a wonderful HIndi serial about a contemporary girl who was married at the age of eight years and has to deal with the fallout for the rest of her life. 5. Do you believe in ghosts?    Yes. 6. What is your star sign?     Taurus 7. Which Star Trek series was the best?            The original one on television.  With William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. 8. If you could be a character from a book, who would you be?     Agnes

Serene - Weekly LBC Post

Serene means calm and unruffled.  If I've had proper sleep, rest, nutrition, recreation and leisure, serenity as such isn't a problem. Unfortunately, I'm usually going through some crisis or another which means I can't get the due rest and time to myself. I'm the mother of four children, aged between eight and sixteen years.  They all like different food.  I have a husband who is much the same as myself.  Good natured if all goes well and not easy to live with if all is not well.  He's generally good humoured and easygoing, but can lift the roof off the house with a shout if riled enough (which thankfully, isn't often).  Then there's the fact that my husband's younger brother's family lives in the same house, as per the traditions of Indian society.  I wouldn't say we don't see eye to eye, but, we really have very little in common and tolerate each other's company.  Then there are the mother-in-laws.  Sigh. So the Serenity Prayer

My Idea of Fun

I can't believe that it's time for another Loose Bloggers Consortium post again.  Where does the time go to?  Mine is running like water from a tap at the moment. Everyone's idea of fun is totally different.  I sometimes forget exactly what mine is.  I remember one day, about a quarter of a century ago, when I was this timid little typist working in my very first (temporary!) job in an accountant's office on the south side of Dublin.  I was typing a letter when I suddenly remembered a line from a television comedy I'd heard the previous night.  I hadn't been watching this show, I'd just been in the room when it was on.  I played back the scene in my mind as I typed the letters in the accountant's office.  I am a very auditory person and can be attracted (or totally turned off) by the words someone uses or by the sound or expression I hear in a voice.  In this comedy show, some students somewhere in the north of England (with thick accents to match) wer


Patience is a virtue   Such a cliche   Yes, patience is a good quality In certain, particular circumstances The trouble, the trouble with patience is   Too much of it is a bad thing   Because   You can accustom yourself to mediocrity   And then You become sadly contented with the status quo   And reconcile yourself to the fact   That your dreams will never become a reality   By all means be patient   But never, ever,   Settle for less than your dreams Patience must have a limit, you see   For how long can you wait?   Life is short   Too short to wait   Forever....... This is the weekly post for my blogging group, the Loose Blogging Consortium.  We post weekly (usually simultaneously) on a given topic and visit each other to see the different takes we have on the same topic.  We are, in alphabetical order,  Delirious , Rummuser,  Grannymar , Magpie , Maria SF , ocdwriter , Padmum , Paul , Rohit , The Old Fossil and Will .  If you have time, please