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Catch Up Post - and a few awards!

I can't believe that it's almost two months since I posted on my blog;.  Then again, I went a year without posting once.  It happens.  My routine has changed completely.  I had a visit from my mother. I acquired a pet and lost it almost within weeks. I've also had health issues.  I've been writing but my hard disk contains three unfinished long works of fiction and a lot of unsubbed short stories.  There's a degree I have to finish too.  My son is sitting for his Class Ten examinations (O levels, Junior Certificate, whatever!) in March next year. It isn't all pressure.  I thoroughly enjoyed my mother's visit.  I also had two short stories published recently.  That was great.  But I couldn't really enjoy that success much as a lot of other things were taking my attention.  Slowly, slowly, bit by bit, I'll get myself organized again.  I have lots of work I want to get finished in my house with regard to organizing rooms and the like.  Don't w