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Random Acts of Kindness

Were you ever in a spot and someone just appeared to help you out? One day, when I'd sent my children to school, I noticed that my daughter, then aged seven,  had forgotten to take her lunchbox with her.  I couldn't bear the thought of her going through a day at school with nothing to eat, so after I'd completed my morning work, I got ready and took the bus to the school.  The bus was crowded and it was difficult to find standing room.  The day was very hot.  Also, I knew I'd have to walk for about ten minutes after getting off the bus.  I searched anxiously in my purse for the change to pay for the fare. The bus conductor stood in front of me, waiting for his fare.  As I shifted uncomfortably, looking for the money, the young man's face broke into a smile. "You're Nitin's mother," he said.  I looked at him and remembered a young boy who looked very like him assisting in the van which used to bring my son Nitin, aged about six back then, to s