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Unwritten Laws - Belated LBC Post

I am extremely late with my LBC post this week.  My apologies are due to my fellow LBC bloggers.  It seems that Blogger and my kids conspired to prevent me from posting this last Friday evening.  That is a pity, because this is a post I had very much looked forward to writing and sharing. Twenty years ago, there was an Indian student called Vinay, studying medicine in my native Dublin.  His family were based in England and this is how he came to be studying in Dublin.  Vinay was very impressed with how friendly his Irish fellow students were.  Every Friday evening they would drag him along to the pub, where they bought drinks for him all night.  He was overwhelmed with their friendliness and kindness and decided that Ireland was definitely the place to be.  He succeeded in saving a fair bit of money too, because he didn't have to spend any money on the nights out.  After a few weeks, however, something seemed to change.  The Irish friends weren't quite as friendly as they use


This blog has been rather quiet lately.  I've been writing a lot of short stories and am struggling with a novel at the moment not to mention my four kids who are off on their summer holidays.  They are, however, going back to school soon. There is a blogger who is very dear to my heart, but it's not one of my usual readers.  This blogger and blog couldn't be more different from me and mine, but it really doesn't matter. She's a housewife from the upper strata of middle class life in London and I'm a struggling housewife/student/aspiring writer here in north India.  But we share a common bond.  She was the one who inspired me to blog.  She is DulwichMum . DulwichMum is going through major despair at the moment.  As a mother of schoolgoing children, she is horrified that her local borough council in London has decided to axe some of the Lollipop Men and Lollipop Ladies who make the roads safer for the schoolchildren to cross on the way to school.  For the sak


It's time for my Loose Blogging Consortium Post and I am left with no alternative but to blog from my mobile owing to power cuts and the Indian monsoon weather while my children dance in the rain. Some time back I was intrigued to learn that I am in fact descended from one of the most prominent people in the history of the world. Abraham, who was then childless and married to his half sister Sarah. Abraham meditated and communicated with God regularly. God called Abraham out of his old life along with his wife and taught him many things. Through obedience, the childless Abraham became the father of nations and his descendents are innumerable on the earth as God had promised. He is recognized as being the ancestor of the Jewish people, of which Jesus Christ is is one. Notice that I am speaking of Jesus in the present tense. He rose from the dead. He's alive, my friends. How am I descended from Abraham? Jewish, right? Wrong! I'm baptized. I belong to Jesus. That puts me