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After I published this post, I had to go back in and change the title.  For some reason I picked the wrong title for this week's LBC post.  I don't think anyone will notice if I change the title.  I actually chose the topic 'conflict', but there is a battle raging within me.  I want to write about the universe and I have to write about conflict.  What a conflict!  So I shall write about the universe as I understand it and address the conflict.  The universe topic of next week will have thrown up some other take by next week.   There is no need to worry.  As my dear friend Suzanna Gilwen says, the universe takes care of everything.

We live in a vast and ancient universe and no one really knows how old it is.  It is both old and timeless.  Time takes on a different meaning depending on where you are in this amazing place.  It is so vast that travelling from one spot to another, if of course one was able to do so, can take more time than a human being is allotted in it…