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Post on 'Nothing' in particular.

The topic for this post us "nothing", and of course it is impossible to do a post on nothing.  So I've switched it to 'nothing in particular'.
Today I finished the first draft of my first novel.  The story that's been going around in my head for months finally grinded to a halt at 82,000 words.  I started writing my novel as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge in November and completed 57,000 words (the target was 50,000 words).  In the following months, I added another four thousand words or so, bringing my total up to 61,000.  This month I joined in the April Word Count Challenge set up by the Minxes of Romance blog, of which some blogging friends of mine, Lacey and Suzanne are members.  This is how I was able to give myself the push to get the novel finished.  So thanks to the Minxes for that.

I got bitten by a dog again this week.  Thank God I had rabies shots recently.  I was walking down the road, minding my own business (very definitely - I was in a world of my own) when a half-grown dog yelped and made a run at me and bit my ankle.  I didn't yell out.  I've learnt to endure pain.  I simply kept walking.  I checked in with my doctor in the evening to get proper medical advice.  I don't know what I did to deserve this.  I didn't provoke the animal.  I was bitten last month as well, but in that case I was trying to help an injured animal and he went berserk on me.

I re-enrolled with my university this month for a little more time to enable me to finish my degree.  I've sent the draft and all, but now what do I do?  Send them an email maybe to ask if they got my draft.  Oh I hope they got it.

I don't know what to cook these days.  I'm bored with food.  I only want to eat salads it is so very hot up here in Lucknow.

Picked up a great saying from a writer friend this week.  Karen Clarke and I were over commenting on Suzanne's post on Minxes of Romance and we were commenting on a post on Brad Pitt, about whom a lot of women get very excited.  Suzanne was saying how Brad leaves her cold and Karen and I were more or less agreeing.  Now nothing against Brad Pitt.  I'm sure he wouldn't fancy me either.  But one always reads here and there that Brad is such an attractive man and so on and that leaves me wondering what all the fuss is about.  Karen said something very funny.  She said "Brad doesn't butter my parsnips".  I never liked eating parsnips, they are a root vegetable and the only root vegetable I like is the potato, which, me being Irish, is quite acceptable.  I wonder what parsnips are in Hindi ?  I must ask darling Rummuser, my lovely rakhi brother.  He knows everything.  I wonder who butters his parsnips?

I had a wonderful time watching the Royal Wedding today.  I thought the marriage ceremony was beautiful and I loved the whole atmosphere of excitement.  I'm a Christian like Kate and Wills, but unlike Protestants, we Catholics don't 'plight our troth' when we get married.  Not in those words anyway.  I wonder what 'plighting your troth' means?  We don't say 'with my body I thee honour' either.  Sounds a little suspect to me.  Then again, during my Hindu marriage, when my lovely husband and I (presumably) plighted our troth, we walked around a fire seven times and I wore red.  I never in a million years would have considered red a wedding colour, but there you are.  I didn't look bad either, but I can't find a single photo of that day.  Well, red is a beautiful wedding colour, but I would have previously associated it with something like a horror movie.  How strange life turns out to be sometimes!                                                                                    

This is my weekly post for the Loose Blogger Consortium. We are a group of bloggers from different parts of the world with diverse views and styles of writing, and we post simultaneously (well, we try to) on a weekly basis on a given topic.  We have been recently joined by two new members, Delirious and Padmini. Other currently active members are, in alphabetical order AshokConrad, gaelikaa, Grannymar, and Rummuser. This topic 'Nothing' was chosen by Grannymar.

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