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Many years ago when I lived in Dublin and Yash lived in India, we used to correspond.  One naturally befriends people in the same boat in which one is travelling and I got to know a young woman from the west of Ireland named Cliona, who had married a man from an Arab country.  After they married he went home to inform his family and persuade them to welcome his wife.  Cliona, living alone in Dublin, was jobless and time hung heavy on her hands.  She used to come to me a lot to talk about her worries, figuring that as I was having a relationship with an absent Indian, I would understand her situation.

Eventually she flew out to join her Arab prince in the Emirates.  Six months later I was shocked to learn that she was back in Dublin.  Soon after joining her man, she had become pregnant.  Then she became seriously ill.  She had apparently been suffering from a hideous form of depression, usually kept under control with medicines which could not be taken owing to her pregnancy.  Her husb…