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Double LBC Post

From now on, my weekly LBC post will appear on this blog, instead of at 'Out of Ireland, Into India.'  I've decided that I don't need more than one blog.

There was a special LBC post this week, on Wednesday.  Unfortunately I missed the boat there.   I was caught up with my everyday life and didn't come to know about it until it was too late.  Here's the post now.

Fiction Friction - Rummuser's Writing Workshop

"You can't be serious," he said.  "I won't do it."

"Please," she said.  "You must!  Who else can I turn to for this favour?"

"Not me," he replied.  "Ask someone else."

"But you're his cousin and you're close to him.  Well sort of...."

"He's not right for you!"

"How can you decide such a thing?"

"Well, it's obvious, isn't it?  You're a doctor.  He on the other hand, is a school dropout."

"He's still a professional."

"Professional footballer does not count as a real profession."

"Hey, who are you to judge?  Anyway, I like him.  Introduce me.  Please!"

"But you need someone more qualified than him..."

"What do you mean?  I may be a doctor but I'm a woman and I have the same feelings as other women.  Can you understand that?  Help me.  Please."


* * * * * *

Bryan sat on the park bench beside the couple who were clearly engrossed in each other.  He hated himself for staying but he just couldn't tear himself away.  The trouble was, that although he loved Suzanne,  his old college friend, she didn't know it.  She'd even insisted that he introduce her to his cousin Craig, which added insult to injury.

The couple were getting along like a house on fire.  Not surprising really.  She'd dumbed down a lot.  Gone were the strong opinions.   Instead of her usual bold statements, she was all coy giggles and sidelong glances.  She had also abandoned her former assertive style of dressing and now dressed like a babe.  Bryan didn't really object to that, he just wasn't comfortable with the world seeing her like that. The worst part was that she didn't appreciate him.  Was he so awful looking?  He had never been short of girlfriends and as far as he could  remember none of them  ever had any complaints.

He was thinking up a way to leave the company when he became aware of a light pressure on his hand.  It was her!  I still need you, friend, she seemed to be saying.  Please stay around.  He smiled.  Maybe one of these fine days she would wake up to the fact that arm candy with no mental stimulation was not the way to go.  Maybe she'd even consider a relationship with him.

Don't take too long, he thought back in her direction.  I may not stay around for much longer.


This is a topic on which I could write forever.  But it would probably be cliched and boring.  So I'll abstain from the type of post I usually write.

My obsession as of now, is why on earth Rummuser suggested the above photo as a topic.  It seems to point to the fact that a post on infidelity in relationships is required, female infidelity in particular. I personally think that infidelity is no more prevalent in females than it is in males.  It just depends on the person, that's all.

I'm quite accustomed to doing writing workshop posts.  I treat it as a type of game in which I test my fiction writing skills.  It could have a prompt in the form of a sentence which has to be included in the body of the post or it could be a photograph, or even both.  But I didn't write about infidelity, I wrote about a woman who is obsessed with a man who is a babe magnet as opposed to a man who is her intellectual equal.  I don't know why she does it, even though I've technically created the character.  I've written a fair bit of fiction recently and I find it amazing how characters often take on a life of their own after they've come through your mind and into your writing.

The main character, Bryan, is wondering why Suzanne couldn't have been attracted to him, presumably a doctor too.

There are many things to which we shall never know the answers.  Probably just as well.

This topic ('Obsessions') as well as the above photo prompt was chosen by Rummuser.  This is my weekly post for the Loose Blogger Consortium. We are a group of bloggers from different parts of the world with diverse views and styles of writing, and we post simultaneously (well, we try to) on a weekly basis on a given topic.  Currently active members are, in alphabetical order AshokConrad, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maria and Rummuser

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