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A Comment in Time!

Welcome to the weekly comment feature originally begun by Unknown Mami in which she, I (and hopefully a few more bloggers linking up) write a posts on comments.  It could be comments which we've made on other blogs or comments which others have made on our blogs.  Some of the comment sections in some blogs have practically turned into forums.  One such blog is Cheerful Monk by Jean Browman.

Jean puts up one short post a week and her comment section is usually very long.  She replies to every comment and sometimes some interesting answers come up. Her recent post Who's the More Intelligent had thirty nine comments and it was a group discussion - albeit a virtual one.

The aim of the post was to tell us that man thinks a lot and is intelligent but dolphins think very little and are happier than humans.  Jean asks who is the more intelligent, dolphins or humans?

Never one to remain silent when there's a comment box in sight, I commented:

Intellligent people are happy people. Thinking too much can give you a headache anyway.

Jean replied:

My brain is my favorite toy. Stretching it is one of the great joys in my life.

That was a good answer. 

In the ensuing discussion, there was a virtual camping trip planned by various commenters, including Ursula and Bikehikebabe.  Ursula had Bikehikebabe earmarked for washing the dishes.  She had Jean delegated to catching fish while she volunteered to light the barbecue.  This, of course, isn't the only thing they discussed but it was one of the more colourful items on the agenda.  I also added to this part of the discussion:

I enjoyed reading about your virtual camping trip.Whether nerds are present, I hope no unwanted visitors make an appearance. Like bears for instance. Still, I think you people are resourceful enough to handle the unforeseen. 

Jean replied:

If there are bears around we’ll have to be very careful about keeping food away from our sleeping area. You’ve probably camped a lot more than I have, bikehikebabe. Were bears ever a problem?

I replied:

I’ve heard lots of stories about bear appearances in the US. That’s why I mentioned it.

Jean had the last word.

I’m glad you did mention it. It gave us a chance to tell our bear stories, and I learned about the problem with possums in NZ.

Well, that was one heck of an interesting back and forth.  Visit Jean's post to view the whole conversation!

I Comment Therefore I Am was originally created by Unknown Mami.

I've just had a new comment system installed.  If you would like to leave a comment, please click on the title of this post and allow a little time for the comment system to load - thanks!

If anyone would like to to an "I Comment Therefore I Am" post please get in touch so we can link up!

Unknown Mami   I did I Comment Therefore I Am this week.  See her post here.

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