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Back to Studies!

One of the things that has been on my mind for the last year is finishing my degree.  I have my books, I know the course I have to do.  But I have always been putting off - not studying, I like that - I suppose looking into the technicalities - because I always have to cook meals or sort out clothes or go out somewhere like the bank or one of the schools.

Yesterday, I got into the website of my university and got totally confused.  It's been completely revamped and is now unfamiliar and to me, confusing. It was so much simpler when I  used to go to the cyber cafe to apply to do my exams.  It's crazy that I've had an internet connection for the last two years and haven't kept in touch.

See, I successfully completed the first two years of my BA programme.  I've even successfully completed one of my third year papers. All that now stands between me and my BA degree (bear in mind, I'm 47, not 20!) is three credits.  A course in European History, a course in English drama and two practical courses in teaching. I already have eleven credits and fourteen is required.   Now I noticed that there is now a (nominal) fee to do the exam.  But how do I pay?  I gave up in despair.  I sourced the number of the college where I used to go for contact.  Luckily I got through and spoke to one of the administrators.  But the more I tried to explain my problem the more confused I became.  The administrator suggested I call down to the college and talk face to face.  Good idea.  The college is a bit far away.  I got in touch with Sunita, a family friend who lives nearby and helps us out with our housework sometimes, and she's agreed to accompany me there.  She knows the public transport route.  I don't.  When I used to study before, I used to have to requisition my husband to drive me there on his days off but he's got so busy lately, I'll have to shift for myself now.

My time as a student of the university will expire at the end of June.  They will not allow me to sit for the examination in the coming June because before you apply to do the exam, you have to have submitted some course assignments.  Which I haven't.  Years ago, you could apply to do the exam in March and submit the assignments by the end of April. Not any more, it seems.  Of course, I didn't know because I've been out of touch.

I do study when I get time, but I'll have to become more regular.  I'll have to seek an extension of my course time so I can sit for my examination, probably next December.  There I go putting it off again.  But I won't beat myself up over it.

I hope Sunita doesn't suddenly find something else to do this afternoon, I really want to meet that administrator.  I've been stuck in that BA rut for so long and I'm going mad to move on.

I'm trying to look on the positive side.  Okay, so I'll need an extension.  Shame on me!  But now, I have access to lots of outside reading for my course now because I have the internet.  I know how to order books online if need be, that facility was not available to me before.  There are wonderful history website and literary critiques on the web which will give me a nice balanced view.  Since I began my blogging adventure and linked up with writing friends, my writing skills have improved a lot (?) and hopefully that will help me with the written examination.  I'm sure there must be some videos of the plays I have to study on Youtube.

I will finish my BA this year, no matter what.  That is a promise.

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