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Back to Studies!

One of the things that has been on my mind for the last year is finishing my degree.  I have my books, I know the course I have to do.  But I have always been putting off - not studying, I like that - I suppose looking into the technicalities - because I always have to cook meals or sort out clothes or go out somewhere like the bank or one of the schools. Yesterday, I got into the website of my university and got totally confused.  It's been completely revamped and is now unfamiliar and to me, confusing. It was so much simpler when I  used to go to the cyber cafe to apply to do my exams.  It's crazy that I've had an internet connection for the last two years and haven't kept in touch. See, I successfully completed the first two years of my BA programme.  I've even successfully completed one of my third year papers. All that now stands between me and my BA degree (bear in mind, I'm 47, not 20!) is three credits.  A course in European History, a course in Engl

A Comment in Time!

Welcome to the weekly comment feature originally begun by Unknown Mami in which she, I (and hopefully a few more bloggers linking up) write a posts on comments.  It could be comments which we've made on other blogs or comments which others have made on our blogs.  Some of the comment sections in some blogs have practically turned into forums.  One such blog is Cheerful Monk by Jean Browman. Jean puts up one short post a week and her comment section is usually very long.  She replies to every comment and sometimes some interesting answers come up. Her recent post Who's the More Intelligent had thirty nine comments and it was a group discussion - albeit a virtual one. The aim of the post was to tell us that man thinks a lot and is intelligent but dolphins think very little and are happier than humans.  Jean asks who is the more intelligent, dolphins or humans? Never one to remain silent when there's a comment box in sight, I commented: Intellligent people are happy

Sundays in my City

A few unexpected visitors dropped in over the weekend.  What do you think? In Lucknow, monkeys seem to come near human habitation once it starts getting hotter.  They opened the lid of our water tank, you can see it in the picture.  One of the things I love about my life here in India is the unpredictability.  We never had visitors like that in Ireland.  Not that I'm not homesick, of course (sigh!). Don't forget to click on the images to get a better look.  I didn't want one of them to go mad and bite me so I stood a bit far off!   Sundays in my City is hosted by Unknown Mami   Intense Debate comment system is installed. If you would like to leave a comment, please click on the title of this post and allow a little time for the comment system to load - thanks