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Saturday Centus #42

" I'll catch a grenade for ya ,"  he said. "Is that all?" she replied. "Okay then.  Two grenades," he said, hopefully. "Not less than a dozen," she said.  "You think you can impress me with one lousy grenade?  Mad, you are." He felt terrible. "It's not my fault you have trouble catching on to this new Fakebook game," he said.  "After a while, a hundred grenades will be like nothing for you.  But until then......I'll catch a grenade for ya....." She laughed out loud. "Make that a hundred," she said, smiling. “Done,” he said, smiling back.   Saturday Centus is hosted by Jenny Matlock

Microfiction Monday 70#

As I stare down the corridor it seems I've been here forever as this goes on forever.  Will I be here forever?  Will the view change? Microfiction Monday is hosted by Susan at Stony River