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My Doctor Friend

One of my neighbours is a paediatrician.  A doctor who treats children.  She is also my friend.  It's almost ten years since we first met.

She's Dr. Shivani.  A stylish, youthful, almost schoolgirlish looking woman in her late thirties.  A mother of two growing girls.  She has a full-time job and a home practise.  She has a calm and simple manner and is full of good humour which makes her a perfect children's doctor.

Before I met her, I had quite a problem.  With four young children and a husband who's out of town every day, getting to doctors when the children were sick was a constant problem for me.  Now I just have to step out of my house and cross the road.  She charges me next to nothing too.  Usually a quarter of the going rate.

I'm so lucky to have her.  When Neil was ill last year, we'd have had to get him into a hospital if she hadn't been there and that would have been extremely difficult for us.  Thanks to Dr. Shivani, we were able to care for him at home.  She was easily available to us morning and evening.  She was able to treat me for my abscesses at home too, and is excellent with the old people in my house.  She's come to our rescue time and time again.

I'd never abuse her friendship.  We chat away when we meet but I'm careful not to do the over-familiarity bit.  It is possible to be friends and still keep a professional distance.

God bless her, she's wonderful!

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