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Lucky - Writing Workshop

"You're so lucky,"said Annette, envy written all over her features.

"Why?" I demanded.

"You have a job in the airport," she replied, with a sour look.

"Annette!  I am employed by a freight company which rents office space in the airport.  There are no perks.  The hours are long and the pay is lousy.  Now do you think I'm lucky?"  She relaxed.

"You don't work for the airlines?"


"Nor the airport authority?"

"I wish!"

"It's just our luck to come onto the job market when there's a recession," she said to me , conspiratorially.  "You have to take whatever you get nowadays."

"True!" I agreed.  "But things will get better."

"They'd better," she replied grimly.  We parted friends.  What a relief!  Because of my supposed 'luck' I nearly lost a friend.

However, Annette has a problem which she has to sort out or she will give herself endless misery.  She continually resents others their 'luck'.  She allows jealousy  to eat her up instead of  going out and creating some luck for herself.  It's no accident that she constantly suffers from nuisance illnesses like gastric disorders, which may not kill but cause upset and inconvenience.

The more I practise the luckier I get.  I love this quote although I'm not quite sure who said that.  I read a story once about a great pianist who won a coveted award for his musicianship.  When someone came over and congratulated him for his 'good luck', this was the reply he gave.  What a great point he made (whoever he was!).  If you want to perfect your skills, there is nothing like lots and lots of practise.  There are no short cuts to perfection.

Put your house in order.  One of the cardinal principles of Feng Shui (Chinese) and Vaastu(Indian), the oriental arts of house design, you create room for luck and wealth by keeping your living space free of dirt, dust and clutter.  Give away old items which are no longer used, so that someone else can benefit from them before they become decrepit and broken.  On the Diwali festival, Hindus clean their houses from top to bottom and don't leave a speck of dust because tradition has it that Lakshmi, the goddess of light and wealth, will not enter a dirty house.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. A timeless quote from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible and so true.  If you think of yourself as successful, happy, healthy and successful, the chances are that that's exactly the way you'll be.   If, on the other hand you think of yourself as poor and sick, the chances are, that's the way you'll turn out to be too.  If you need a good example of this, look no further than my old friend Annette who is always moaning about how dreadful everything is!  As a result, everything is dreadful.

I always find that when I work sincerely, keep things up to date and think positively, that life just seems to flow better. Very simple, isn't it?  So why doesn't Annette and people like her try that method instead?  It beats moaning and complaining anytime!

For the past several weeks I have been participating in the Writer’s Workshop over at Sleep  is for the Weak authored by Josie George.  The fifth prompt for this week (Week 34#) was ‘Lucky’ and this was the one which inspired me.

This post originally appeared on Write Away at WordPress on 18/8/2010

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