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Besan Ki Laddoos

When I first arrived in India to get married, I obviously didn't have children and used to spend a lot of time on my own, reading and writing letters to friends and  keeping a diary (into which I had very little to write - there wasn't much activity going on - Yash was out of the house for twelve to fourteen hours daily and I spent a  lot of time in my room).  I used to enjoy the company of my two (then) small nephews, Sonu and Monu.  Now they are grown up.  Sonu is doing his post-graduation (MBA) and Monu is doing engineering.  But I remember those days. I first met Monu the younger one, when he was just three years old.  He had, I thought, an extremely advanced sense of humour for a small child.  He made me laugh a lot of times. One day, my mother in law had made a type of homemade sweet called  'besan ki laddoo' and gave some to me and the children to eat.  How can I describe a laddoo?  It is a round shaped sweet, it would remind a westerner of a thick lump of sw

Dashing to Church - and Home again

I was baptized and brought up a Catholic.  But I am a Christian by conviction anyway.  I truly believe that faith in God is a very personal matter.  That is why I remain a practising Catholic while my husband and kids are Hindus.  I believe very much in religious freedom. Some people totally disapprove of this, of course.  There are people in my Church who think I'm some kind of traitor.  Then there are people (admittedly a very small number) of my husband's community who think I am the worst kind of wife and mother, because I don't follow the same faith as my husband.  That's their problem.  If it's not a problem for me, why should it be for anyone else?  God is one.  It's just a matter of one's understanding. Therefore, it came as something as a shock to me when my attending Church regularly was looked on askance and considered something of a disloyalty to my family. I was asked on more than one occasion to reconsider 'leaving my family alone'

At the Sabzi Bazaar

My next door neighbour, Mrs. Asha Singh, wants to visit the local market.  She has a matter or two to check at the bank and then she would like to have a look around the local shops.  She asks me if I'm up for an 'outing', as she calls it. Well, who doesn't like to get out for an hour or so?  I check to make sure the old dear (mother-in-law) is in good company - she is, her sister-in-law is over on a short visit of a day or two, and off we go. So with an air of freedom, Mrs. Asha Singh and I are off, walking, chatting, keeping an eye out on the road and holding our shopping bags nice and close.  We stop off at the bank.  It's always nice to see that your bank book is up to date.  No doubt, it's nice to have ATM machines and all the rest, but Mrs. Asha Singh doesn't have time for such things.  Your bank book is your real wealth as far as she is concerned.  Me?  I use the bank all right, but I try to have as little to do with ATM machines  as possible.  One

A Day Without Water

Today, I'm totally under the weather with fever and a headache, but I committed myself to blog about water today.  So here's my post. When I came out to India, I noticed that the water supply only came on for a while in the morning and evening.  In Ireland it's on round the clock. My father in law would store water in some tanks for use when the water wasn't on, and we had a special treatment system for drinking water.  Something very new for me to see!  But I began to realize the reality of water shortage when the water supply was limited once to just once a day - in the evening. For some reason, someone had failed to story water when it came on in the evening.  In the morning, when the water didn't arrive,  we were in a state of emergency.  My husband and I were very late with our daily routine and when the time came for us to have a bath, there was no water left.  Ok, we'd have a bath later. But in that blistering summer heat, not having had a bath was

An Award!

I got a pleasant surprise this morning when checked my comments and messages.  My dear blogging friend Mimi has passed on this lovely award to me. Mimi lives in Dublin, my native city and I hope to meet her whenever I visit there (whenever that is!  Hopefully sooner rather than later, but that's another story).  I have to list eight facts about myself and pass on this award.  Although I turned vegetarian after marriage in order to be more compatible with my husband and in-laws, you could say I am flexible about it.  I switch non-veg every so often when the opportunity presents itself.  The kids are all veggie by choice, though! I love chocolate, the richer the better. I love red wine too, but can't get my hands on it these days. I gave up smoking when I got married too.  I didn't miss them much, though.  It was just a habit really.  A bad one. I used to work as a secretary.  That's probably why I can type up my posts so fast. Sometimes my readers ask how I can ke

Sundays in my City #9

The sun sets on another Sunday in Lucknow... Sundays in my City is hosted by Unknown Mami

Take This Off the TV!

I've noticed a disturbing trend on television here in India recently. I don't 'watch' television as such.  But my family members do.  As I walk in and out of the drawing room, serving dinner to my family, I see the television serials they view.  I can't help it actually.  I've even become familiar with some of the storylines. I saw a scene the other day in a serial 'Balika Vadhu' which horrified me.  A young mother is told that her son will never walk again.  Her parents, parents-in-law and husband are present.  Horrified, she goes into denial and starts bothering her wheelchair-bound child. 'Come on, get up, you can walk,' she says, as everyone looks on, aghast.  What does her husband do?  He slaps her in the face! What does a woman in her position require?  Kindness and possibly someone to be a little firm and tell her to pull herself together.  No situation is devoid of hope and there are, after all, many possibilities for a great life f

Walking to Church...

Walking to Church on a Saturday evening, I'm struck by what a tranquil neighbourhood I live in. ---------- Sundays in my City is hosted by Unknown Mami.