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Beware of Snakes!

I've mentioned before that there is an open drain right beside my house.  This gives us an extra problem during the rainy season.  There are snakes in the drain and they sometimes come out.

Not full grown snakes.  They stay in the drain.  But tiny little newly born snakes come out of the nullah and inch towards the house.  There are a lot of harmless worms around too.  The worms are quite large.  At first I couldn't tell the difference between the worms and snakes.  I began to notice that the head of the snakes dart around a lot more.  If they open their tiny mouths it is quite unmistakable that they are snakes.  There is a very famous image of Mary the mother of Jesus which is often found as a statue in Catholic schools, hospitals an churches.  In that image, the mother is standing on the head of a snake.  An open mouthed snake.  One day, I saw a tiny snake open it's mouth and I noticed that it looked like a small version of that statue snake with its red mouth.  So I never mistook a snake for a worm after that.  Besides, I've never seen a worm opening its mouth.

Are they dangerous?  Well I wouldn't say very.  But a bite from one of them would be very uncomfortable.  Yash's friend Ranjeet got a bite from a snake one day outside the gate of our house.  He was in terrible pain for a while.  We certainly don't want the children to be bitten.  We have to keep ensuring that they are wearing their footwear (which they hate to do!) and watch the outside of he house constantly after the rain has fallen.

It's just another one of those things which happens during the rainy season....


  1. We have snakes in this area too, and scorpions. I do worry about the snakes. I was asked by my FIL to keep checking his land down in the village. I was down there about a month ago wading through the trees when I spotted a snake...quite a big one. I didn't stop to investigate further..I just got out and haven't been back since!

  2. You have got to be careful of the two legged varieties too! An interesting place you live in.

  3. I know about those snakes! When we were growing up and spent most of our time playing in the woods, we had to be very careful of rattlesnakes, copperheads and such! As I was mowing my yard last month, I reached down and moved a yard flower pot, a snake was lying there, a small one true, but in my book, a snake is a snake, at first I was going to let it crawl away, but then I noticed it's head and realized it was poinsettia, so I ran over it with the lawnmower. The rest of the time I mowed, I kept feeling as though I had one crawling on me and I would look down to make sure it wasn't still in the lawnmower! Ugh!

  4. I am glad I live in a snake free zone!


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