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Attacked By A Crow

I was walking along the road near my home, going to  the presswala, when I received a blow to the side of my head that nearly knocked me over.  Almost stunned, I was aware of a large bird flying away from me.

"What the heck is wrong with that crow?" I asked no-one in particular.  "It must be on the way out.  It's motor co-ordination is a little off, methinks...."  I was a little bewildered by the blow, but nothing too serious.  So I carried on walking towards the presswala's place.  I handed over the clothes which I wanted to have ironed.  Then I turned around and walked back home in the same direction.

Another thump, this time on the opposite side of the head, took me by surprise.

"Again?  What's going on?"  I asked out loud.  The bird flew off steadily.  There didn't seem to be a thing wrong with it's motor co-ordination.  Very odd indeed.

About ten steps from my home, I was again hit by the bird.  Now I was furious.   I let loose a string of words which could euphemistically described as quite unladylike.

I saw my neighbour Mrs. Asha Singh, standing in her garden.  She hadn't seen the incident and asked me what was wrong.  I told her, in Hindi, about the triple attack by the 'kaawa' (Hindi for crow).  Although I wasn't feeling very happy, I told her about it in a way that made it sound like an amusing story.  We both  laughed over it.

She explained that the crow was nesting in a nearby tree.  Someone had tried to disturb its nest.  It had apparently gone ballistic and went into protection mode.

"That crow is mad!"  I replied.  "What makes it think I could damage its nest?"

I had to lie down for a while when I went into my house.  That was a few days ago.  I haven't gone down that road since!


  1. Crow's are serious about their nests, we get them chasing hawks over here. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was dive bombed by a bird years ago. It didn't hit me but clearly didn't like me. I'm pretty sure it's because one afternoon I had gone up to the roof of our apartment building... it thought I was a threat to its nest. The interesting thing was it later dive bombed me more than once when I was walking on the ground. Hey, all I wanted to do was to look at the view and say goodbye to the area before we moved.

  3. I have heard of such crow attacks in the past too! They hurt, don't they?

    I hope you are well, and I hope the baby crows are also well :)

  4. Sorry to hear about this. I am not over fond of crows at the best of times but I guess that this one thought you were after its nest.
    I am not surprised that you don't go down that lane now, nor would I.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. I didn't know crows would do that. Mockingbirds will dive bomb people and I've seen blue jays dive bomb cats. My son was pecked on the top of his head once when we were out collecting mulberries. It must have had a nest nearby. I laughed my ass off but he didn't think it was very funny.

  6. I've seen bluejays attack people before and a mother bluejay protecting it's nest actually brought blood to my grandmother by pecking her head while she was strolling in her garden years ago when I was a child! My husband insists that crows are the most amazing, intelligent birds! He says that when he was in elementary school, a classmate had a pet crow that would follow him to class and sit at the window of the classroom! It would even land on the boy's shoulder! I definitely think being attacked by a big crow would be traumatic!

  7. I hope you have recovered from the shock and feeling better!

  8. That is scary. The only problem I have is with the birds crashing into my windows. Thankfully the windows are double glazed and the birds escape with only being dazed.

  9. What an experience! Like we cannot differentiate one crow from another, they cannot differentiate one human from another. The crow must have thought that you were someone else!

  10. We have magpies here in Australia, who nest in late winter and early spring. They fly at people during this time but it is just their way of protecting their young.
    We even have news alerts on the radio, letting us know where the magpie's are nesting, so as to avoid their area!


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