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Lovely word, 'staycation'.  I found it on the internet.  Very apt.

Well, I along with my four kids, are on staycation in the beautiful city of Lucknow.  It is too hot to do much during the day, either for work or pleasure.  It's cooler in the evenings.  Then I go mad catching up on housework.  The kids go to the park every day.  I went out the other day and got them a football and some badminton racquets.

When they return to school, everyone will be full of chat about the holidays they've been on.  As usual, my kids will have nothing to say.  Their recently widowed grandmother, with whom we live, believes she loves my children very much.  But she gets so irritated with them that she very often flies into a rage and gives the most awful verbal abuse.

Actually, she can't help the way she is.  The truth is, everyone needs a change.  Just about everyone needs to freshen up now and again.  It's so important.

I try to take the children out as much as possible.  Tomorrow is my eldest daughters' birthday.  I'll try to take them to a film or out for something to eat.  We have some nice places within walking distance of our house. 

Whatever happens, we'll do something.  Everyone needs a change.


  1. I really don't know how you put up with your mother-in-law. It would drive me mad to have lived with someone so intolerant of my children for so long. You have the patience of a saint!

  2. Did you ever decide if you might go to visit your mom on your own. Is it even possible? It would be nice to try to meet up. We're so close to Ireland here in Cornwall it would just be a short trip for me to pop over and say hello.

  3. 'staycation' has a lovely ring to it and might describe my lifestyle!

    Happy Birthday to Mel, I hope you manage to celebrate with a meal and or a movie together.


  4. Gaelikaa,'staycation' doesn't sound like fun to me.I know hot hot Lucknow can get!Maybe you could head to Dream world,an indoor water park 25km from Lucknow,on the Lucknow-Kanpur road-take a bus or ask hubby to drive the car...he needs a break too.

    As the kids grow up you may have to take matters into your own hands and let them enjoy places other than home & school.It's so sad they can't have a proper vacation like their friends.

    Happy birthday to Mel!Do take them out for the day & have fun.

  5. Actually I think people CAN help the way they act; they just don't choose to as long as everybody lets them get away with being cantankerous. Just me.

  6. A staycation would be lovely as I tend to need a holiday to get over the stresses and strains of airports and flying which I hate.

    I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday and you get to do something nice.

  7. why don't you find soem place which are not far off but still offer some change for 1-2 days.Kids do need a change and not just kids you can also enjoy going out of lucknow for a while...

  8. If the other pupils come back bragging about their foreign holidays and think your kids are missing out, then they're just being snooty and rude. I'm sure your kids are enjoying themselves anyway.

  9. It cannot be easy with four kids cooped up at home in the summer and being unable to get away for a while. I hope that things work out and you are able to with your children.


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