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Hot and Steamy!

Note:  The following post contains material of an implicit nature.  Those with a sensitive disposition have been advised not to proceed any further.

The pre-monsoon Lucknow weather is very hot and steamy.  The entire family is gathered around the television set watching it's favourite family serial - one which glorifies child marriage in rural Rajasthan.  I am bored.  No sign of the husband anywhere.  I go and look for him.

I've found him.  He's lying in darkness in a back bedroom, enjoying the full blast of cold air from a desert cooler!  A quick check ascertains it's really my husband.  You can't be too sure, he has a brother living in the house who looks just like him.  From the back.  Luckily, the brother does not wear lungis - a popular male attire in India.  In my house, only my husband does that.

So I lie down beside him in the dark.  I whisper something in his ear.

"Where have you been?  I was missing you!"  Seems he was missing me too.  We find each other.  In the darkness.  Oh this is fun!

The room is bathed in the tubelight glare.  The mother-in-law stands by the light switch.  She is also glaring.  We spring apart, stifling giggles like guilty teenagers and act like nothing's happened.  Well it hasn't!  Not yet....

Ridiculous, isn't it?  But it's no harm to feel sixteen again.  Especially when your're 47 like me.  Or 55 like the husband.  Not to mention the fact that we are the parents of four kids, including two teens.

The agony and ecstasy of living in a combined family!


  1. Gaelikaa,I think you put up with too much intrusion from your in-laws.Lock the door in future...a bedroom is not a highway for all to come by at will.Set limits...better late than never.Perhaps ,MIL was MISSING the both of you.

    My in-laws knock before entering.

  2. The problem was, Charmine, that we were in her room..not in ours!

  3. You should forgive your MIL her trespasses as she would have forgiven those who trespass into her room!

  4. Do you need another swamp cooler?

  5. We almost had to move in with my parents shortly after we married (not a common thing in US culture) and as lamented that we would be newlyweds living in the room above my parents- my mom remarked: It's always more exciting when you think you'll be caught.

    Have fun!

  6. ehehehehe... it's like being teenagers again, isn't it?

  7. Oh no...I don't know how you cope sometimes! Make sure next time you're in your room with the door locked :-)

  8. I was getting angry until I realised you were using her room and bed!!!!!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. I'll bet your mother in law had a bit of a chuckle after she was done glaring. ;)

  10. it must have been quite embarrasing but very hilarious and quite mushy mushy indeed ..

  11. I was appalled too until I found out you were on her bed. Very funny.

  12. OMG.. Funny it must have been. Most certainly! :)

    And you know that so tends to happen when you are living in a joint family and have grown-up kids. I mean, everybody needs some privacy once in a while! :)

    Nice post! :D

  13. You DO sound like to young teenagers & I LOVE it! Way to keep the marriage spark burning!

    The mother-in-law adds to the whole sneaky thing!LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you've been doing well & sorry for not visiting more often!

  14. your note before your post had me intrigued. and scared.

    my curiosity won.

    loved the post. when my mom comes to visit. i still get nervous. heh heh.


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