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Grannymar's Meme

I was challenged to a meme by Grannymar, one of my closest blogging friends and someone who is from more or less the same place as I am.  I often marvel at the coincidence that led us to meet in cyberspace when we could have so easily met when I was living in Dublin.  It has taken me a couple of days to organise myself to do this meme, but here it is.

Question 1:  Do you like to be challenged?

Answer:  I'm challenged every day of my life.  In the struggle to rear four children who have a double (east/west) heritage, life throws a new challenge my way every single day.  Then there is the matter of a spouse who is very often absent from the scene and  a mother-in-law who is a little too close for comfort at times.  But I always manage, and I feel that the day the challenges stop coming is the day that my life will be over.  There is this constant struggle to stay on top of things and to find some time for myself in all this.  But I do enjoy my life.

Question 2:  What is your favourite time of day?

Answer:  Early morning.  Sometimes I get so tired I sleep right through it.  But if I get up, I love it.  No one else is up, you can get a head start on the day's work, or just use that time to catch up on reading and blogging.  I love the quiet morning hours for reading on scriptures and meditating too.  If I'm all organised and on top of things, of course.

Question 3:  Are you punctual?

Answer:  Yes, usually.  If I'm all organised and on top of things of course, to repeat a much used phrase.  But unforeseen circumstances crop up all the time.  So sometimes one has to be flexible.  Ever since I got the mobile, it's become much easier to inform others if I'm going to be late.

Question 4:  Where would you like to visit?

Answer:  It used to be India, now I live here.  The answer now  is Israel.  I'd love to visit the places mentioned in the Bible and see what they look like now.  I visited Jordan once and saw Petra (the rose red city, half as old as time!) and the Dead Sea, and I'm hungry for more.  I'd love to see the country where Jesus lived.  I'm so hungry for information about Him that I feel that it would help me to understand Him better if I saw the country where he lived.

Question 5:  What is your favourite taste?

Answer:  That is an easy one.  Chocolate.  I've always loved it.  But I like real chocolate, be it dark chocolate or otherwise.  Chocolate flavoured drinks and foods are not the same at all.

Question 6:  Who would you like to meet from past history?

Answer:  There are many.  But who comes to mind at the moment?  Emily Bronte, I think.  I am fascinated by her life.  Such a short and sheltered life and yet she came up with the amazing novel "Wuthering Heights"  How in the world did she dream up a character like Heathcliff?

Question 7:  What mark would you like to leave on the world?

Answer:  I can't dare to think of such a thing.  Leave a mark?  I'm too small for that.  But hopefully my blogs and my writing would still be there, and they'll help my grandchildren and their children to know me.

Thanks for challenging me to do this meme, Marie.  I'm going to pass on the same meme to MelRoXx and SuE, two bloggers very close to me.  Let's see what they come up with!


  1. What a great meme! Sorry I've been absent for a while...
    I think your blogs will live on and leave a huge mark on the world xx

  2. Which race are your kids going to marry into?

  3. Wow, Gaelikaa. I am learning new things about you all the time. Great post.

  4. Clareybabble - Thanks! I'll see you over at your soon.

    Looney - Can't resist this one! The human race of course.

    Ramana - It's nice that I've managed to surprise you!


  5. Gaelikaa, excellent response!

    My mixed East/West kids tell me they are going to marry someone of the same race!

  6. Wow! New look again and you are responding to comments on the blog itself! Congratulations.

  7. I love to read people's answers in this kind of meme.
    Yours were really good.
    I'm sure you are leaving your mark, whether you think you are or not. You have left a mark on me as I have learnt much more about life in India than if I hadn't ever come across your blog.
    Your blog will certainly live on and influence your family, friends and anyone who stumbles on it.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Looney - you and I both know that there is only one human race, but that has escaped some people. Maybe it is our job to raise there awareness.

    Ramana - Glad you approve the changes.

    Maggie - Thanks! I love your blog too.

  9. Ramana - Approve 'of' the changes, I meant!!! :)

  10. Great answers!! I find your posts quite fascinating and a great insight into life in India

    btw - award for you over at mine

  11. What fun that was to read. I'm with MaggieMay. You're leaving a mark already.

  12. I have been trying to leave my mark here in the comments for days. At last with the changes I should be able to do so. I am pleased to learn more about you from the meme an you have made more than one mark on the world already. You have made four special marks with your children!

  13. Yikes! Did I say 'raise *there* awareness' in the above comment? I meant 'raise their awareness. Shame on me!


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