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Hot and Steamy!

Note:  The following post contains material of an implicit nature.  Those with a sensitive disposition have been advised not to proceed any further. The pre-monsoon Lucknow weather is very hot and steamy.  The entire family is gathered around the television set watching it's favourite family serial - one which glorifies child marriage in rural Rajasthan.  I am bored.  No sign of the husband anywhere.  I go and look for him. I've found him.  He's lying in darkness in a back bedroom, enjoying the full blast of cold air from a desert cooler!  A quick check ascertains it's really my husband.  You can't be too sure, he has a brother living in the house who looks just like him.  From the back.  Luckily, the brother does not wear lungis - a popular male attire in India.  In my house, only my husband does that. So I lie down beside him in the dark.  I whisper something in his ear. "Where have you been?  I was missing you!"  Seems he was missing me too.  

Nice News

Last week I had to attend a religious function.  The mother-in-law of Suman, a friend of mine had passed away thirteen days previously and the ceremony was being held to pray for peace to the departed soul.  In fact the old lady passed away a mere twenty three days after her husband did, so naturally it was a sad occasion. Suman and I were very close about ten years back.  We used to meet in the park regularly in the evenings along with our small children.  The kids have grown up now and we are both very busy.  Although we don't meet regularly, our friendship is very warm and supportive.  You could say that we see each other off and on and sometimes we miss out on news about each other.  But we always catch up eventually. Suman's husband Anil is the second son of his parents.  The eldest son Amit lives in the United States.  Around eight years back he visited home and stayed with his parents.  When he heard that Suman had a friend who was a foreign woman married into an Ind

A Present For Your Blog (NOT FOR YOU!)

I have been awarded this one by my blogging friends Bhavesh and Charmine . Charmine is a lovely blogger with two fabulous blogs- My Favorites , about Indian art and craft, and the other called TRAVEL ITS FUN , about all her travelling exeriences.  Bhavesh is a Pune-based photographer and writer whose blog is mainly photographic. I wish to pass this award to the following bloggers- kaibee for ' Diary of an All Pakistani Girl ' Ursula at ' Bitch on the Blog ' clareybabble for ' The Babbling Mummy ' Looney for ' Looney ' Alice for ' My Wintersong ' SuE for ' Cosmic Chiq ' Ramana for ' Rummuser ' Grannymar for ' Grannymar ' Jean for ' Cheerful Monk ' Helen McGinn at ' Feeding Five for Fifty '

The Heartfelt Blogger Award

I have been awarded the 'Heartfelt Blogger Award' by Rachel Pattison  of Really Rachel  for my other blog ' Out of Ireland, into India ' over here .  Rachel is a freelance writer and she blogs about her life with her young children.   Her company,,  is a writing service for anyone who is lost for words.  Her blog is a great read for mothers of young children. The conditions for this award are as follows- Display the logo. Nominate some blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside. Link to your nominees. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting. Link to the person from whom you received the award. So I pass this on to- Elizabeth Harper for ' Gifts of the Journey ' Kelly for ' A Place of my Own ' Anna Scott Graham for ' Non Fiction Chronicles of a Fiction Filled Life ' Vandana for ' Our Boy Wonder ' Charmine for ' My Favorites ' Ayak for ' Turkish Delight ' Hope you like the

Prolific Blogger Award

I wish to thank Chris Stovell of  " Home Thoughts Weekly " for giving me this award.   I always enjoy visiting Chris's blog.  She is a novelist and her writing is so expressive.  Sometimes she is so funny that she makes me laugh out loud.  But she can write serious too.  Her recent posts on organ donation really made me sit up and think.  She's married to a painter,  Tom Tomos , and her husband's paintings adorn many of her blog posts.  Her novel 'Turning the Tide ' ( available here ) was published by Choc Lit recently. ******************************************************** There are a few rules that come attached to this award: Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers.   Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.  Every Prolific Blogger must link back to This Post , which explains the origins and motivation for the awa

Nuisance Neighbours

I am happy to say that on the whole, my family has a good relationship with all of our neighbours, give or take a few little details here and there.  One of our nearest neighbours is a large combined family, somewhat similar to ours.  They too have three generations under one roof,  but are rather short of children it seems - there's just one child around six years old.  Sometimes he comes to our house to play because we have plenty of children here. In order for my little story to make sense, I have to fill in my readers on a few small details.  There is a long open drain(nullah!) running down our road right along all the houses on our side.  Unfortunately, covering that drain has become the responsibility of the householders alongside whose houses it runs.  My father-in-law had initially covered the area over the drain and had it walled in with the rest of our garden, all the as had all the other householders.  However, because of some planning permission technicality, one day

Grannymar's Meme

I was challenged to a meme by Grannymar , one of my closest blogging friends and someone who is from more or less the same place as I am.  I often marvel at the coincidence that led us to meet in cyberspace when we could have so easily met when I was living in Dublin.  It has taken me a couple of days to organise myself to do this meme, but here it is. Question 1:  Do you like to be challenged? Answer:  I'm challenged every day of my life.  In the struggle to rear four children who have a double (east/west) heritage, life throws a new challenge my way every single day.  Then there is the matter of a spouse who is very often absent from the scene and  a mother-in-law who is a little too close for comfort at times.  But I always manage, and I feel that the day the challenges stop coming is the day that my life will be over.  There is this constant struggle to stay on top of things and to find some time for myself in all this.  But I do enjoy my life. Question 2:  What is your


Lovely word, 'staycation'.  I found it on the internet.  Very apt. Well, I along with my four kids, are on staycation in the beautiful city of Lucknow.  It is too hot to do much during the day, either for work or pleasure.  It's cooler in the evenings.  Then I go mad catching up on housework.  The kids go to the park every day.  I went out the other day and got them a football and some badminton racquets. When they return to school, everyone will be full of chat about the holidays they've been on.  As usual, my kids will have nothing to say.  Their recently widowed grandmother, with whom we live, believes she loves my children very much.  But she gets so irritated with them that she very often flies into a rage and gives the most awful verbal abuse. Actually, she can't help the way she is.  The truth is, everyone needs a change.  Just about everyone needs to freshen up now and again.  It's so important. I try to take the children out as much as possible.

Bara Mangal

Today is  Bara Mangal, and important religious day in Lucknow where I live.  Tuesdays are sacred to Sri Hanuman, the Hindu deity who seems to be the most popular one in Lucknow.   Bara Mangal is the biggest Tuesday of the year.  Certain Hanuman temples are visited as pilgrimage centres in Lucknow.  Some people go to the temple on foot to beseech the deity to grant their requests. In north India, the god Ram (Sri Ramchandra), an incarnation of Vishnu, the second person in the Hindu trinity of major gods, is probably the godly incarnation most revered.   Ram and his consort Sita are legendary figures here.  Yet most of the temples in the north are sacred to Sri Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Ram.  I would be reluctant to describe Hanuman as a 'monkey god', on the grounds that some of his devotees might feel that I was ridiculing him.  Hanuman is supposed to be, in fact, an incarnation of Shiva, the third person of the Hindu trinity.  The langur, the species of monkey commonly