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Summer Wardrobe

The temperature has gone up into the forties and it is only April.  I was very uncomfortable as most of my clothes are made of synthetic materials.  And they are so old that I am tired of them.  I took a look through my wardrobe lately and wanted to throw every single item into the bin!

I went to see my dress designer immediately!  Dress designer?  Well there's this friend of mine, Richa, who is a member of the Sikh community, married to a man in the same community as my husband.  We get along well, Richa and I.  She owns a  small shop and sells cloth for making suits and all types of dresses.  She has a tailor working with her and he makes the clothes as per the customer's specification. But Richa is a very good designer, so I usually go with her ideas.   So I went and had a look at what cloth Richa had available.

"I don't just need a new dress," I told her.  "I need a new wardrobe."  So she advised me to get about three cotton kurtas made in colours that can be teamed up with both black and cream.  Cream or off-white, is preferable to white, which for a busy housewife like me is impossible to keep in perfect condition.  Kurtas are the shirts worn over  loose fitting shalwars (trousers) and worn along with dupattas (long scarves).  This shalwar suit is probably the most popular dress today for Indian and Pakistani women.  Then she advised me to have to get two cotton shalwars made, one black and one cream.  As for dupattas, most women have both colours in their wardrobe all the time.  And of course I did.  So I invested in five tailored pieces, two shalwars and three kurtas, and using the 'mix and match' principle I got six new suits.

My mother in law's eyes nearly popped out when she saw me wearing a new suit every day for the past week.  "Where did you get all the money for them?" she asked me.   I thought about it for a minute about the reply I should give.

"Oh, my husband is very generous!" I smiled.  "He gave me the money for six new suits......"


  1. Oh well done...nothing like new clothes to make you feel good. I was looking at my wardrobe recently and am pretty fed up with most of it...also old stuff. The temps here have fluctuated over the past week and it's at that awkward stage when neither winter nor summer clothes are suitable...and I don't have much "in-between" stuff!

  2. Good!!!Now just wear them & don't worry about people thinking this or that.Lucknow is quite modern now.When I went to the Aryan restaurant(near shahara mall) recently I saw ladies wearing nooddle strap tops with jeans.

  3. Mix and match has been my rule for years. Now when I buy an item, I think "What will it go with?" If it goes three ways then I am well pleased.


  4. I feel the same way when I look at my clothes lately. I think it is the change of seasons that brings on the feeling of having nothing to wear.;)
    I enjoyed reading about the Indian fashion, I think I would quiet enjoy wearing those outfits you describe here.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. I really feel sorry for your dear MIL. Poor unsuspecting mother hen wanting to protect her son and the spendthrift bahu squanders the family fortune. Tch tch!

  6. Love it! Great comeback! Glad you got new duds. C

  7. Hi,
    Came along from a comment left by you on my blog a long time ago. Really like your blog and your style of penning down thoughts.
    Indian summers! I sure am not missing them right now. But I do miss the mangoes. Have they made their appearance yet?

  8. Good for you! It sounds as if some members of the family are already upset that Yash got married instead of focusing on his nieces and nephews. And then there are the four children.... If you can do no right in their eyes you need to take good care of yourself.

  9. Do you wear western-style clothing? Do your children?

  10. New clothes! Yay! I recently purchased a few new outfits myself. It's especially cool that you impressed your mother in law.

    And thank you so much for visiting me on my SITS day! I am your newest follower. I hope you'll come visit me again soon.


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