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Lots of social networks are looking for new members.  That's okay.  The internet is a big hunting ground.  Today, I received an invitation from my brother to join yet another a social network.  We speak every day, we don't need social networks.  But I don't reject invitations from anyone who means something to me, so I answered in the affirmative.  In order to join that network and 'connect' with my already 'connected', I had to supply my email id, whereupon that social network automatically sent invitations to everyone in my mailbox informing them that I wanted them to join me on this network.  I've already started receiving enquiries about this by email from some of my contacts and I've told them to feel free to reject the invitation.

Email networks are also starting their own social networks.  A few months ago a similar situation occurred.   A network on which I have an email account invited me to connect with various  people on my contact list, all I had to do was click.  I did so, more out of curiousity than anything else.  Everyone who automatically got generated invitations from "me" answered in a nice, positive way, or ignored the "invitation."  A fellow blogger, with whom I had enjoyed a friendly relationship in the past, left an angry and abusive message in my comment box accusing me of  "dumping shit in her mailbox".   She ordered me to "LEARN" that she was not open for spam like this.  Well, like, who is?  I mailed her back and told her that I felt that her issue was with Yahoo! rather than me.  The vehemence with which she attacked me,  in the public forum of my blog, left me horrified, and that too when I'd been recently bereaved of a close relative.    I hope to God that she didn't get one of these spam invitations from me today, because if she did, I will have to go underground.  I tried to delete her name from the contact lists of the two email accounts in which I received her messages - but you know how you can never be too sure? 

This blogger was furious because a few months earlier I had accidentally forwarded her one of those seasonal silliness Christmas emails in which you are instructed to forward to ten more people.   Her name was on the top of my contacts list and she accidentally got one.  This led to an exchange of emails in which I - who was really guilty of nothing more than a tiny misjudgment - ended up apologising profusely.  Like Queen Victoria, she was not amused.  And this blogger, incidentally, is something of a queen in the blogging world - blogging royalty, you could say.  She is spoken of in many blogs with deep reverence and respect - the sort of respect that's usually reserved for people who have taken religious vows.

I guess the best thing I can do is go into that email account, and send a circular email to everyone   in my contact list and tell them that it wasn't me.  But I'll do it in the morning - it's late in the night and I'm very tired now.  And if this "bloggerani" comes after me - I shall tell my big brother to sort her out!


  1. Ah yes, the joy of dealing with queen bees on their high horses. ... Can bees be on horses? I don't know... either way, hope she doesn't lash out at you. And if she does-- well true colors eh?

  2. Yikes! I hate it when people are not who you thought they were. So sorry you have had to deal with such ugliness.

    On another note, I haven't received any invitations ... does that mean we're not blogging friends after all ?

    Just kidding, I think you're GREAT! :)

  3. Well it sounds like a huge over-reaction to me and completely uncalled for.

    As with all these social network invitations, it is possible to ignore requests. There's no need for anyone to take it further and be downright rude is there?

  4. I had three invitations yesterday to join the same outfit. Not being interested as I am in contact with these three by other means, I deleted them.

  5. I can really understand how you might have felt !! Cos same has happened with me too !!

  6. Well, I must say that my curiosity is absolutely peaked concerning that rude queen bee's identity! LOL Seriously,I am mortified that someone would attack you so--seems some people just don't have enough to occupy their time! I have no patience for "queen bees" - have had the acquaintance of a couple. Blessings, V.

  7. She was being very rude. There was no reason for her to attack you publicly like that when she could have made a polite inquiry in private.

  8. Moral of the story is for me. I did not send the invitation. I simply accepted an invitation from someone I know and the network has sent out invitations to all in my mailing list too. Henceforth, whoever it may be that sends me an invitation to join a network, I shall decline. Thanks for writing about this.

  9. Your Godbrother (read Godfather if you want) will do the needful with great pleasure I am sure.

  10. I just ignore emails like that. No point starting a fight. Really.

  11. Sounds like overreacting to me... If she's a queenblogger, she must be aware of spam using one's email address. Ive been receiving spam from friend's email add, and I know they were not aware that their contacts were being used.

    Even so, she should've told you politely that she's receiving spam from you, that you might not be aware that ur contact info was being used. As simple as that.

    We all get spams everyday. The more sites we joined, the more we get. Its part of the cyberworld. She shouldve dealt with it maturely.

    Dropping by from SITS!! HAve a good day despite of... U

  12. That is utterly pathetic. Someone who reacts in such an aggressive way to a person has issues but to react in that way to you, our lovely gaelikaa? Well, that is simply ridiculous.
    Most of our mothers taught us that when we hear or receive news or advice (or indeed an email) that we do not like that we should simply ignore it.
    Lets face it, one more email in your Inbox filled with viagra spam isn't going to make the sky fall down.
    I'm sorry you had to read such a diatribe. Grrr.

    Helen xx

  13. I'm an Irish gal my marriage (but fully embrace my husbands heritage and love it -- as evidenced by my blog) and am stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day last Friday.

    Peace and serenity,
    'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After bankruptcy'
    *This week is 'MS Awareness Week' -- feel free to stop by to see how MS affects people worldwide and what you can do.

  14. There's something so depressing about meeting people in real life and discovering they're not who they portray themselves to be online. You obviously are better off without that blogger on your email list!

  15. I ignore other requests other than facebook, I could not keep with more than one!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  16. It's really unfortunate that people have to react the way they sometimes do. Especially over something that was not done intentionally.

    Keep smiling!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  17. Welcome to the World Wild Web - www!

    Social networking and the internet, in general, makes our world smaller and easier to navigate. It can also complicate and add to our stress.

    We may feel compelled, as you did, to respond to a request to join another network. In this case, it led to an abuse of your Address List, unbeknowst to you.

    For my own sanity, I have chosen to belong to only a few social networks. With only 24 hours in a day, I can't possibly do justice to all the S.N. I've been invited to join and live my life outside of the internet with any sort of sense of peace and control.

    Life is full of choices. Sometimes, we need to say "No", to some of the good things, difficult as it is, knowing that our plate is already filled.

  18. Blogorani! That might be my new favorite word.

  19. People on high horses eventually get bucked off!
    Happy SITS Saturday.


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