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I Don't Hate Facebook....

Everywhere I seem to go, people seem to love to hate Facebook.  Why?  I can't understand it.  If you don't like it, then don't go there.  Who is forcing anyone?

Don't misunderstand me.  I am no Facebook fanatic.  I go in there maybe twice a week.  I am not into Facebook games like 'Farmville' or  'Cafe World'.  If anyone has seen me playing, then it was my kids playing on my behalf.  I don't have the time for that.

I belong to a large Irish family and have relatives in many parts of the world.  My Indian family could be described in exactly the same way.  Many of my blogging friends have become an indispensable part of my life.  My page on Facebook has a varied assortment of people on it.  I use the social networking system to stay in touch, to see their updates and send and receive short messages.

I recently re-connected with a niece of mine after a gap of twelve years.  Now we are in regular touch, quite effortlessly.  I also accidentally discovered that a large group of  Irish cousins have Facebook accounts so I added them as 'friends'.  Now we're all in touch.

I use Facebook to the level that I need it and all I can say is that it works for me.  As for the tags, the unwanted requests etc?  It is quite easy to offload them.

What could be better than that?


  1. I use Facebook for the same reasons as you. It was my daughter's idea. I probably wouldn't have bothered. I don't like all the games, but as you say, it's easy enough to get rid of them. I used to get irritated when other users sent application requests for quizzes etc, but now I just ignore them.

  2. I total;ly agree although I have a love / hate relationship with Facebook... sometimes I overindulge and other times I can go for weeks without it. I hate Farmville!!

  3. You are doing well on FB. No need to be apologetic about it. Enjoy yourself. I just go there whenever I get an alert via mail that someone wants me for something or the other. Otherwise, I do not have the time for it.

  4. I do have a Facebook account, but prefer any of the other means of communication for keeping in touch.


  5. Yes that's right... I argued (kind of because I let it go as soon as I saw how pointless it was) with a guy who said that facebook is crap and with no privacy at all. He posted a picture with highest privacy that means only he was able to see it and then he just like tried to crack it to prove that it wasn't really so and some closest friend could see it... well I just asked him: "why are you posting pictures on the web that only YOU want to see? Isn't it better to keep those on the computer?" and the all started... I was stupid, retarded a.s.o. I just answered that it's not compulsory to register a social network and let it drop. :-) I am not obsessed but I think it's fun and keeps you connected to friends who live far away! :-)

  6. I'm on facebook. Keeps me in touch with other glass artists and friends who I wouldn't ordinarily correspond with. I don't play any of the games or use any of the applications. If you are worried about privacy don't post anything you wouldn't want others to see. It's that simple.

  7. You are so right! I have reconnected with several people and I love Facebook! Thanks for writing this post!

  8. I love facebook, though I discovered it quite late... I'm such a sucker for technology. sigh. (good to know it's your KIDS who used Farmville... but i hope they play it again sometime!:P)

    I've given you an award on my blog. Your writing makes me happy. Thank you!


  9. I agree. I have family all over the world - cousins that I never talked to before facebook. Now we share ideas on kids and recipes. I love being able to check up on everyone in 20 minutes or less. and the pictures!! I wouldn't know what they look like now w/out facebook.

    I think the people who hate facebook are just doing it wrong ;)

  10. I think it's the typical reaction to what is considered minute 'we' love it, the next 'we' love to hate know, the sheep mentality or else it's because it isn't understood. Hating facebook without being on it is like hating cheese without having tasted it; you are allowed to hate it, you don't have to try it but if you're going to be loud about it, we're gonna make you a cheese sandwich. At least in my house anyway.... ;O)

  11. I agree. I think it's a great way to stay in touch with people near and far.

  12. Facebook is good for staying in touch with friends and family, it's just remembering it's function and not letting it eat your time.


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