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I had been dreading Monday morning  - I was so not ready to send my children back to school and our house is flooded with relatives and family members who have gathered to perform the final funeral ceremonies of my father-in-law.  I was feeling that in one way it was a blessing that the children were on their winter holidays when this was all going on; but on Monday morning my luck was about to run out. 

Well, thanks to the cold snap, the schools were closed for two further days.  It is so difficult to wash clothes and even get hot water for a bath with the crowds around, that was a relief for me.  It seems now that the schools will remain closed for the children up to the 8th Class until Friday.  Great!  My eldest is in 8th.

I have decided that on balance, that I don't like my husband's new shaven look after all.  I miss his beard. It is true that he resembles some of my relatives, and I liked that.  However, he looks far too grim these days to have a shaven face.  He is starting to resemble an old Hollywood actor famous for horror movies.  I do believe that the name of that actor was Boris Karloff.

Just as well he doesn't read my blog!


  1. Boris Karloff! LOL! I think you are being hard on Yash. The funeral rituals seem to take such a long time in India. I suppose it all helps bring closure and aid with mourning.

  2. My poor Gaelikaa, your sense of humour is taking an amusing turn to the grim - a sure sign of despair.

    I am fascinated by your hot water problem. Kids don't need to be scrubbed down every day. They don't smell; adults do.

    As to your husband: I didn't want to say it at the time but it was on the cards: You don't like it. I suppose, scant comfort, once your FIL is at final rest Yash can grow it all back. And let him know that you prefer him WITH rather than without: It will work wonders.


  3. Now luck was on your side this time, with the schools remaining closed! :) Well, soon you'll have your space back again! :)

    And you know what, I like shaved guys either, I prefer beards, light beards. Hope you husband gets the beard grown back soon! :D

  4. You don't happen to have a picture of Yash do you? You have us intrigued! I'm glad you can muster up a sense of humor. It's a great survival trait. That plus knowing we're all rooting for you.

  5. You don't happen to have a picture of Yash do you? You have us intrigued! I'm glad you can muster up a sense of humor. It's a great survival trait. That plus knowing we're all rooting for you.

  6. Oops! I got a message saying I hadn't put the word verification characters in correctly, that's why the duplicate comment.

  7. Gaelikaa ..

    I am really sorry ot hear about your loss in the family .

    Don't worry too much about the hair ..they will grow back

  8. I am so happy to read you like this! I don't know how it is to have children but I guess that things always happen for a reason and maybe what you need now is having your children around... until your nerves break down! ;-)))
    Love, K
    PS: again thank you for the beautiful thing you wrote on my blog. Thanks.

  9. Schools closed due to cold? In India????!

  10. Marie - you're probably right! Let's see..

    Ursula - I was feeling grim when I wrote that post.

    Kaibee - I'm waiting for him to grow it again.

    Jean - Don't worry about the duplicate comments - the more the merrier. I also think that a sense of humour is a great survival trait.

    Vandana - I'll be over to see you soon - thanks for your kind words.

    ...daisy... - Oh, I meant that. I love reading your blog and comments.

    Braja - you'd better believe it. Everything is here. You must be on the coastline but I'm inland - dry, biting cold you know?


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