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Everything is how you look at it......

Two people look at the same picture and see two  completely different things - two people look at the same situation, same........everything is how you look at it.  Two men looked out of prison bars, one saw mud the other stars....I never liked that saying but it more or less captures what I am trying to say.

For some people a death is a tragedy.  For others it is a release.  For others it can even be both.

Everyone sees things differently.  I suppose that this is how misunderstandings occur.......


  1. Once 'different', rather than 'better' or 'worse' becomes accepted, life becomes much easier to live.

  2. I suppose it depends how close we are to the person, their quality of life etc.

    Memories keep us going and nobody can take them away.

  3. Like the parable of the three blind men describing the elephant.

    There is more than one right way to do everything.

    It's OK to be happy that someone has been released from a failing body and still miss them.

  4. Misunderstandings.. yes, stressful events like funerals and weddings sure breed a lot of those.

  5. Misunderstanding can be very hurtful... Communication can sometimes help out.

  6. It helps a lot to have a "learning conversation" when misunderstandings occur. Just figure we all look at things differently and try to find out what the other person is experiencing. At the end we may still disagree, but we will have learned a lot. And there's a good chance we will end up even closer than before.

  7. Death can often bring out the worse in even the most tightly knit family.

  8. I am usually afraid to say anything in a tragedy situation, because the way I see things is always different and it is inevitable that I will come down on the wrong side of the different viewpoint. That said, may God grant comfort and encouragement to you and your family.

  9. Looney, I sincerely hope you will come to my funeral because little gives me more pleasure than people who do not conform.

    Gaelikaa, to paraphrase: "Each man is an island"; therefore misunderstandings to be expected even between those close to each other.

    A slight variant on your quote: A friend of mine holds it firmly with Oscar Wilde's "We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." All I am looking at is my dry cleaning bill wondering why I ended up in the gutter in the first place.

    Take heart: One of these days I will send you that most useful tool to keep daily life at bay - a piece of driftwood to bite on. It's served me well.


  10. Cherish the difference, if we are to be the same, life would be a bore.

  11. A very profound statement! You must have had something on your mind when thinking about this! Some people hate letting go of their loved one, others recognize they were ready and it's best. Take care!


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